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Helobdella robusta

Helobdella robusta is a species of segmented worm in the family Glossiphoniidae.

Taxonomy ID: 6412

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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
    ID: 20217501
    synaptotagmin 7d [Helobdella robusta]HELRODRAFT_93365
    ID: 20217047
    synaptotagmin 7c [Helobdella robusta]HELRODRAFT_90028
    ID: 20216835
    synaptotagmin 7b [Helobdella robusta]HELRODRAFT_88134
    ID: 20216530
    synaptotagmin 1b [Helobdella robusta]HELRODRAFT_85838
    ID: 20216436
    Rabphilin [Helobdella robusta]HELRODRAFT_85187
    ID: 20216024
    synaptotagmin 1a [Helobdella robusta]HELRODRAFT_82086
    ID: 20215588
    synaptotagmin 1e [Helobdella robusta]HELRODRAFT_78642
    ID: 20215421
    synaptotagmin 15a [Helobdella robusta]HELRODRAFT_77420
    ID: 20215112
    synaptotagmin 16 [Helobdella robusta]HELRODRAFT_75146
    ID: 20214104
    synaptotagmin 46 [Helobdella robusta]HELRODRAFT_67802
    ID: 20213930
    synaptotagmin 7a [Helobdella robusta]HELRODRAFT_66622
    ID: 20213825
    synaptotagmin 45 [Helobdella robusta]HELRODRAFT_65797
    ID: 20213590
    synaptotagmin 7e [Helobdella robusta]HELRODRAFT_64105
    ID: 20213542
    synaptotagmin 4 [Helobdella robusta]HELRODRAFT_63739
    ID: 20212483
    putative Activin/Myostatin/TGF-beta-class TGF-beta signal molecule [Helobdella robusta]HELRODRAFT_193014
    ID: 20210056
    extended synaptotagmin-like protein 2b [Helobdella robusta]HELRODRAFT_185262
    ID: 20207605
    extended synaptotagmin-like protein 2a [Helobdella robusta]HELRODRAFT_180209
    ID: 20203197
    synaptotagmin 15b [Helobdella robusta]HELRODRAFT_170389
    ID: 20200038
    synaptotagmin 1d [Helobdella robusta]HELRODRAFT_163371
    ID: 20197722
    synaptotagmin 1c [Helobdella robusta]HELRODRAFT_157491
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