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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
    ID: 18475856
    SRF-TF-domain-containing protein [Wallemia mellicola CBS 633.66]WALSEDRAFT_9958
    ID: 18475855
    PBD-domain-containing protein [Wallemia mellicola CBS 633.66]WALSEDRAFT_9879
    ID: 18475854
    Arf GTPase activating protein [Wallemia mellicola CBS 633.66]WALSEDRAFT_9735
    ID: 18475853
    DNA/pantothenate metabolism flavo protein [Wallemia mellicola CBS 633.66]WALSEDRAFT_9733
    ID: 18475852
    dUTP diphosphatase [Wallemia mellicola CBS 633.66]WALSEDRAFT_9709
    ID: 18475849
    TPT-domain-containing protein [Wallemia mellicola CBS 633.66]WALSEDRAFT_9587
    ID: 18475846
    FAD dependent oxidoreductase [Wallemia mellicola CBS 633.66]WALSEDRAFT_9162
    ID: 18475845
    Pex19 protein [Wallemia mellicola CBS 633.66]WALSEDRAFT_9082
    ID: 18475844
    DUF572-domain-containing protein [Wallemia mellicola CBS 633.66]WALSEDRAFT_9064
    ID: 18475840
    ER to Golgi transport protein Yos1 [Wallemia mellicola CBS 633.66]WALSEDRAFT_8522
    ID: 18475838
    nucleic acid-binding protein [Wallemia mellicola CBS 633.66]WALSEDRAFT_8184
    ID: 18475837
    Calreticulin-domain-containing protein [Wallemia mellicola CBS 633.66]WALSEDRAFT_8174
    ID: 18475836
    kinase-like protein [Wallemia mellicola CBS 633.66]WALSEDRAFT_8155
    ID: 18475835
    DnaJ-domain-containing protein [Wallemia mellicola CBS 633.66]WALSEDRAFT_8144
    ID: 18475834
    transcription initiation factor iia small chain [Wallemia mellicola CBS 633.66]WALSEDRAFT_8071
    ID: 18475833
    tRNA-intron endonuclease catalytic domain-like protein [Wallemia mellicola CBS 633.66]WALSEDRAFT_7968
    ID: 18475828
    Pkinase-domain-containing protein [Wallemia mellicola CBS 633.66]WALSEDRAFT_7749
    ID: 18475826
    Indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase [Wallemia mellicola CBS 633.66]WALSEDRAFT_7644
    ID: 18475822
    Phytochelatin-domain-containing protein [Wallemia mellicola CBS 633.66]WALSEDRAFT_7313
    ID: 18475820
    global nitrogen regulator protein [Wallemia mellicola CBS 633.66]WALSEDRAFT_7095
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