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Drosophila simulans

Drosophila simulans is a species of fly in the family Drosophilidae (pomace flies).

Taxonomy ID: 7240

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Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliases
ID: 6732347
alcohol dehydrogenase [Drosophila simulans]Chromosome 2L, NC_052520.2 (14437167..14438898)Dsimw501_GD23968, ADH-sim, Adh, Adh-PA, Dsim\Adh, GD23968, GD23968-PA
ID: 6734902
uncharacterized LOC6734902 [Drosophila simulans]Chromosome 2R, NC_052521.2 (14663999..14665263)Dsimw501_GD11266, CG18468, Dsim\Lhr, GD11266, GD11266-PA, HP3, LHR, LHR[[sim]], Lhr-PA, Lhr-sim, sim-Lhr
ID: 6725632
tryptophan 2,3-dioxygenase [Drosophila simulans]Chromosome X, NC_052525.2 (10469394..10471130)Dsimw501_GD16993, Dsim\v, Dsim\v-PA, GD16993, GD16993-PA, TDO, TO, TRPO, v-PA, vermilion
ID: 6737787
esterase 6 [Drosophila simulans]Chromosome 3L, NC_052522.2 (11966517..11968285)Dsimw501_GD14366, Dsim\Est-6, Est-6-PA, Est6, GD14366, GD14366-PA, est-6
ID: 27206595
glucose-6-phosphate 1-dehydrogenase [Drosophila simulans]Chromosome X, NC_052525.2 (19141581..19146680)Dsimw501_GD24877, Dsim\G6pdh, Dsim\Zw, Dsim\Zw-PB, Dsim\Zw-PC, Dsim\Zw-PD, Dsim\g6pd, G-6PD, G6pd, GD24877, GD24877-PB, GD24877-PC, GD24877-PD, Zw, Zw-PB, Zw-PC, Zw-PD
ID: 6739897
protein yellow [Drosophila simulans]Chromosome X, NC_052525.2 (226624..230899)Dsimw501_GD24705, Dsim\y, Dsim\y-PB, GD24705, GD24705-PB, y-PB, yellow
ID: 6731127
accessory gland-specific peptide 26Aa [Drosophila simulans]Chromosome 2L, NC_052520.2 (5867722..5868965, complement)Dsimw501_GD22626, Acp26A, Acp26Aa, Acp26Aa-PA, GD22626, GD22626-PA, Mst, Mst26Aa, ovulin
ID: 6738353
female-specific protein transformer [Drosophila simulans]Chromosome 3L, NC_052522.2 (16327637..16328679, complement)Dsimw501_GD12458, Dsim\tra, GD12458, GD12458-PA, GD12458-PB, tra, tra-PA, tra-PB
ID: 6724962
regulatory protein zeste [Drosophila simulans]Chromosome X, NC_052525.2 (2218068..2220683)Dsimw501_GD16608, Dsim\z, Dsim\z-PA, GD16608, GD16608-PA, z-PA, zeste
ID: 6732348
alcohol dehydrogenase-related 31 kDa protein [Drosophila simulans]Chromosome 2L, NC_052520.2 (14439044..14440513)Dsimw501_GD23969, Adh[r], Adhr, Adhr-PB, Adhr-PC, Dsim\Adhr, GD23969, GD23969-PB, GD23969-PC
ID: 6729868
myosin light chain alkali [Drosophila simulans]Chromosome 3R, NC_052523.2 (23827737..23830591, complement)Dsimw501_GD18066, Dsim\Mlc1, GD18066, GD18066-PA, GD18066-PB, Mlc-1, Mlc1, Mlc1-PA, Mlc1-PB
ID: 6724920
6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase, decarboxylating [Drosophila simulans]Chromosome X, NC_052525.2 (1926762..1930072)Dsimw501_GD16588, 6PGD, 6pgdh, Dsim\Pgd, GD16588, GD16588-PB, Pgd-PB, pgd
ID: 6729693
protein bride of sevenless [Drosophila simulans]Chromosome 3R, NC_052523.2 (22182350..22187322)Dsimw501_GD21254, Dsim\boss, GD21254, GD21254-PA, boss, boss-PA
ID: 6725576
vitellogenin-2 [Drosophila simulans]Chromosome X, NC_052525.2 (9636272..9637891, complement)Dsimw501_GD16043, Dsim\Yp2, GD16043, GD16043-PA, Yp2-PA, yp2
ID: 6727070
glucose dehydrogenase [FAD, quinone] [Drosophila simulans]Chromosome 3R, NC_052523.2 (3739441..3753080, complement)Dsimw501_GD19489, Dsim\Gld, GD19489, GD19489-PB, GDH, Gld-PB, gld
ID: 6727219
mycosubtilin synthase subunit C [Drosophila simulans]Chromosome 3R, NC_052523.2 (5017916..5025275)Dsimw501_GD19997, Dsim\e, Dsim\e-PA, GD19997, GD19997-PA, e-PA, ebony
ID: 6737625
superoxide dismutase [Cu-Zn] [Drosophila simulans]Chromosome 3L, NC_052522.2 (10901343..10902942, complement)Dsimw501_GD12822, Cu, Dsim\Sod, GD12822, GD12822-PA, SOD-1, Sod, Sod-PA, Sod1
ID: 6740158
transcriptional activator cubitus interruptus [Drosophila simulans]Chromosome 4, NC_052524.2 (14093..22030, complement)Dsimw501_GD24828, Dsim\ci, Dsim\ci-PA, Dsim\ci-PB, GD24828, GD24828-PA, GD24828-PB, ci, ci-PA, ci-PB, ci[D]
ID: 6731131
glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase [NAD(+)], cytoplasmic [Drosophila simulans]Chromosome 2L, NC_052520.2 (5918077..5923222)Dsimw501_GD23370, Dsim\Gpdh, GD23370, GD23370-PA, GD23370-PB, GPDH-1, Gpdh, Gpdh-PA, Gpdh-PB, alpha-GPD
ID: 6728385
glutathione S-transferase 1-1-like [Drosophila simulans]Chromosome 3R, NC_052523.2 (13762522..13764052)Dsimw501_GD20577, Dsim\GstD1, GD20577, GD20577-PA, GST1, GT, GstD1-PA, dsGSTD1, gst, gstD1
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