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    Name/Gene IDDescriptionLocationAliasesMIM
    ID: 23042
    pyridoxal dependent decarboxylase domain containing 1 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 16, NC_000016.10 (14974591..15153343)LP8165614244
    ID: 23589
    calcium regulated heat stable protein 1 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 16, NC_000016.10 (8852942..8869006, complement)CRHSP-24, CRHSP24, CSDC1616885
    ID: 203054
    aarF domain containing kinase 5 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 8, NC_000008.11 (144373762..144393242)
    ID: 64425
    RNA polymerase I subunit E [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 9, NC_000009.12 (37485948..37503697)A49, PAF53, PRAF1, RPA49
    ID: 1877
    E4F transcription factor 1 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 16, NC_000016.10 (2223498..2235742)E4F603022
    ID: 169270
    zinc finger protein 596 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 8, NC_000008.11 (232137..247340)
    ID: 79848
    centrosome and spindle pole associated protein 1 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 8, NC_000008.11 (67062417..67198003)CSPP, CSPP-L, JBTS21611654
    ID: 4716
    NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase subunit B10 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 16, NC_000016.10 (1959538..1961975)MC1DN35, PDSW603843
    ID: 38
    acetyl-CoA acetyltransferase 1 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 11, NC_000011.10 (108116705..108148822)ACAT, MAT, T2, THIL607809
    ID: 79968
    WD repeat domain 76 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 15, NC_000015.10 (43826977..43868419)CDW14
    ID: 51614
    ERGIC and golgi 3 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 20, NC_000020.11 (35542078..35557634)C20orf47, C2orf47, CGI-54, Erv46, NY-BR-84, PRO0989, SDBCAG84, dJ477O4.2616971
    ID: 10668
    cell growth regulator with ring finger domain 1 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 14, NC_000014.9 (54509896..54539310)CGR19, RNF197606138
    ID: 1663
    DEAD/H-box helicase 11 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 12, NC_000012.12 (31073860..31104799)CHL1, CHLR1, KRG2, WABS601150
    ID: 10295
    branched chain keto acid dehydrogenase kinase [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 16, NC_000016.10 (31108381..31117651)BCKDKD, BDK614901
    ID: 374819
    leucine rich repeat containing 37 member A3 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 17, NC_000017.11 (64854130..64919478, complement)LRRC37, LRRC37A616557
    ID: 51463
    G protein-coupled receptor 89B [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 1, NC_000001.11 (147928420..147993592)GPHR, GPR89, GPR89C, SH120, UNQ192612806
    ID: 57519
    StAR related lipid transfer domain containing 9 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 15, NC_000015.10 (42575606..42720998)KIF16A614642
    ID: 403313
    phospholipid phosphatase 6 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 9, NC_000009.12 (4662294..4665258)PDP1, PPAPDC2, PSDP, bA6J24.6611666
    ID: 1796
    docking protein 1 [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 2, NC_000002.12 (74549105..74557551)P62DOK, pp62602919
    ID: 51148
    cerebral endothelial cell adhesion molecule [Homo sapiens (human)]Chromosome 9, NC_000009.12 (128405994..128437351)CEECAM1, GLT25D3616626
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