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    Ighm immunoglobulin heavy constant mu [ Mus musculus (house mouse) ]

    Gene ID: 16019, updated on 20-Jul-2021

    GeneRIFs: Gene References Into Functions

    GeneRIFPubMed TitleDate
    The circulating immunoglobulins negatively impact on the parasite clearance in the liver of Leishmania donovani-infected mice via dampening reactive oxygen species activity.

    The circulating immunoglobulins negatively impact on the parasite clearance in the liver of Leishmania donovani-infected mice via dampening ROS activity.
    Srinontong P, Wu Z, Sato K, Nagaoka H, Maekawa Y.

    IgM-expressing plasma cells can sense antigen and acquire competence for cytokine production upon antigenic challenge.

    Mature IgM-expressing plasma cells sense antigen and develop competence for cytokine production upon antigenic challenge.
    Blanc P, Moro-Sibilot L, Barthly L, Jagot F, This S, de Bernard S, Buffat L, Dussurgey S, Colisson R, Hobeika E, Fest T, Taillardet M, Thaunat O, Sicard A, Mondière P, Genestier L, Nutt SL, Defrance T., Free PMC Article

    this study shows that in muMT-/- mice, induction of memory "precursor" effector CD4+ T cells is strongly impaired resulting in a deficiency of the memory TH1 response

    Antigen presentation by B cells guides programing of memory CD4<sup>+</sup> T-cell responses to a TLR4-agonist containing vaccine in mice.
    Dubois Cauwelaert N, Baldwin SL, Orr MT, Desbien AL, Gage E, Hofmeyer KA, Coler RN., Free PMC Article

    Full-length Emu region does not influence variable heavy (VH) segment usage but ensures efficient Igmu-chain expression required for strong signaling through pre-B cells and newly formed B cell receptors, thus participating in B cell inflow and fate.

    The Eμ enhancer region influences H chain expression and B cell fate without impacting IgVH repertoire and immune response in vivo.
    Marquet M, Garot A, Bender S, Carrion C, Rouaud P, Lecardeur S, Denizot Y, Cogné M, Pinaud E.

    Radiation combined injury-induced alterations of corticosterone, CRP, C3, IgM, and PGE2 cause homeostatic imbalance and may contribute to reduced survival.

    Skin injuries reduce survival and modulate corticosterone, C-reactive protein, complement component 3, IgM, and prostaglandin E 2 after whole-body reactor-produced mixed field (n + γ-photons) irradiation.
    Kiang JG, Ledney GD., Free PMC Article

    Emu-myc mice provide a model to study spontaneous regression and possible mechanisms of immune evasion or suppression by cancer cells.

    ATM-dependent spontaneous regression of early Eμ-myc-induced murine B-cell leukemia depends on natural killer and T cells.
    Croxford JL, Tang ML, Pan MF, Huang CW, Kamran N, Phua CM, Chng WJ, Ng SB, Raulet DH, Gasser S., Free PMC Article

    Coronavirus-induced demyelinating CNS disease can be efficiently prevented by a long-lasting germline-encoded IgM response.

    T helper cell- and CD40-dependent germline IgM prevents chronic virus-induced demyelinating disease.
    Gil-Cruz C, Perez-Shibayama C, Firner S, Waisman A, Bechmann I, Thiel V, Cervantes-Barragan L, Ludewig B., Free PMC Article

    Core fucosylation of mu heavy chains regulates assembly and intracellular signaling of precursor B cell receptors.

    Core fucosylation of μ heavy chains regulates assembly and intracellular signaling of precursor B cell receptors.
    Li W, Liu Q, Pang Y, Jin J, Wang H, Cao H, Li Z, Wang X, Ma B, Chi Y, Wang R, Kondo A, Gu J, Taniguchi N., Free PMC Article

    deficiencies in B-cell development increase with increased transgene copy number

    Excessive amounts of mu heavy chain block B-cell development.
    Zhu L, Chang CH, Dunnick W., Free PMC Article

    The critical importance of pre-BCR and BCR receptor levels for the normal development of B-lymphocyte subpopulations in the context of intact VDJ recombination and a diverse antibody repertoire.

    A hypomorphic IgH-chain allele affects development of B-cell subsets and favours receptor editing.
    Brenner S, Drewel D, Steinbart T, Weisel F, Härtel E, Pötzsch S, Welzel H, Brandl A, Yu P, Mudde GC, Schweizer A, Nitschke L, Winkler TH., Free PMC Article

    Data suggest a novel role for the IgM isotype in shaping the earliest steps in recognition and clearance of fungus.

    Conserved natural IgM antibodies mediate innate and adaptive immunity against the opportunistic fungus Pneumocystis murina.
    Rapaka RR, Ricks DM, Alcorn JF, Chen K, Khader SA, Zheng M, Plevy S, Bengtén E, Kolls JK., Free PMC Article

    lambda5 differentially relies on the lambda-like Ig and unique region to probe H chain structure to best accommodate diversity among H chains.

    The unique and immunoglobulin-like regions of surrogate light chain component lambda5 differentially interrogate immunoglobulin heavy-chain structure.
    Smith BP, Roman CA.

    Somatic translocation & differential expression of Ig mu transgenes indicate a role in memory B cell development. Elements in the Igh locus may promote memory-B-cell selection by regulating Ig expression at some stages of antigen-driven differentiation.

    Somatic translocation and differential expression of Ig mu transgene copies implicate a role for the Igh locus in memory B cell development.
    Jena PK, Smith DS, Zhang X, Aviszus K, Durdik JM, Wysocki LJ.

    Truncation of the mu heavy chain leads to compromised antigenic stimulation of developing B cell populations with reduced levels of B-2 cells and dramatically increased numbers of the IgM+ CD5+ B-1 subset.

    Truncation of the mu heavy chain alters BCR signalling and allows recruitment of CD5+ B cells.
    Zou X, Ayling C, Xian J, Piper TA, Barker PJ, Brüggemann M.

    In a mouse model it is shown that the transgenic immunoglobulin (Ig) mu heavy chain promotes in vivo differentiation of pro-B cells in the absence of surrogate light chain Ig lambda 5.

    Cutting edge: signaling and cell surface expression of a mu H chain in the absence of lambda 5: a paradigm revisited.
    Schuh W, Meister S, Roth E, Jäck HM.

    conventional light chains, a hallmark of B cell differentiation, are necessary and sufficient to divert mu from a vesicular transport-independent to a vesicular transport-dependent degradative route

    Immunoglobulin light chains dictate vesicular transport-dependent and -independent routes for IgM degradation by the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway.
    Elkabetz Y, Kerem A, Tencer L, Winitz D, Kopito RR, Bar-Nun S.

    Two specific structural traits common to functionally successful Ig mu heavy chains that have passed the pre-B cell receptor checkpoint are: a complementarity-determining region 3 length of nine amino acids, and the presence of histidine in position 1.

    Selection of Ig mu heavy chains by complementarity-determining region 3 length and amino acid composition.
    Martin DA, Bradl H, Collins TJ, Roth E, Jäck HM, Wu GE.

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