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Release Notes

May 2023

  • genes display exon-intron structure when zoomed enough
  • improved behavior of in-context hints on the ideogram widget
  • added the ability to zoom by dragging over the gene’s density histogram
  • added the ability to return to the whole genome dotplot using the web browser back button
  • new dotplot view is available
  • alignment connectors are shown even when one end of the alignment is offscreen
  • fixed a bug that prevented you from going to a previous view using the web browser back button
  • additional minor improvements and bug fixes

April 2023

  • You can now flip the orientation of a chromosome to better evaluate gene synteny in regions that are inverted in one assembly relative to another

March 2023

  • you can now download the FASTA alignment file for an alignment segment via the right-click menu
  • you can open the pairwise alignment in the NCBI MSA viewer via the right-click menu
  • you can also open a panel that shows a preview of the alignment sequence
  • Genome Data Viewer (GDV) opened from the right-click menu will zoom to the same coordinates as shown in CGV
  • we improved the order of organisms in the selection menu on the CGV home page
  • made improvements to page accessibility and rendering on mobile devices
  • additional animal cross-species alignments added
  • additional small improvements and bug fixes

January 2023

  • new visual style for alignments including "twist" for reverse alignments
  • forward and reverse alignments are colored distinctly (green and purple)
  • new filtering option to view only forward or reverse alignments
  • you can now click on annotated gene to zoom to the region in the alignment
  • added more in-context hints
  • additional style tweaks

December 2022

  • new ability to search for genes in the viewer
  • you can now adjust the font size of labels and other text in the viewer
  • downloaded SVG image can be edited in a wider range of image editors
  • additional bug fixes and style tweaks

October 2022

  • you can download an SVG image of the view you are looking at
  • the size of the alignment is now reported in the alignment information popover
  • navigation, view, and download options added to the alignment context right-click menu
  • some bug fixes and style updates

September 2022

  • you can switch your view to show all alignments, not just reciprocal best placed alignments
  • new Download menu for alignment data downloads
  • style changes to assembly titles on viewer page
  • style and behavior changes to alignment information popover
  • style changes to block size slider

August 2022

  • non-RefSeq assembly alignments are available
  • GDV genome browser sessions are now pre-configured to show assembly-assembly alignments as alignment and graph tracks
  • updates to behavior of alignment selection menu

July 2022

  • CGV is released as beta! Enjoy!
Last updated:Wednesday May 24, 2023