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ID: 5691
Papiine alphaherpesvirus 2

Lineage: Viruses[25980]; Duplodnaviria[15007]; Heunggongvirae[15007]; Peploviricota[132]; Herviviricetes[132]; Herpesvirales[132]; Herpesviridae[114]; Alphaherpesvirinae[44]; Simplexvirus[13]; Papiine alphaherpesvirus 2[1]


Assembly level: Complete Genome
Assembly: GCA_000865345.1 ViralProj16246 scaffolds: contigs: N50: 156,487 L50: 1
Statistics: total length (Mb): 0.156487
 protein count: 75
 GC%: 76.1

Replicon Info

Type Name RefSeq INSDC Size (Kb) GC% Protein Gene

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