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Platform GPL2986 Query DataSets for GPL2986
Status Public on Jan 13, 2006
Title ABI Human Genome Survey Microarray Version 2
Technology type spotted oligonucleotide
Distribution commercial
Organism Homo sapiens
Manufacturer Applied Biosystems
Manufacture protocol See manufacturer's web site
Description See manufacturer's web site
Web link
Submission date Oct 18, 2005
Last update date Jan 27, 2016
Contact name chunlin xiao
Phone 1-800-762-4001
Organization name Applied Biosystem
Street address 45 West Gude Drive
City Rockville
State/province MD
ZIP/Postal code 20850
Country USA
Samples (1761) GSM123004, GSM123005, GSM123006, GSM123008, GSM123009, GSM123010 
Series (45)
GSE5350 MicroArray Quality Control (MAQC) Project
GSE5590 Profiling of zinc altered gene expression in human prostate normal (HPR-1) and malignant (PC-3) cells
GSE6549 Identification of the vascular lineage-specific transcriptome

Data table header descriptions
GeneID Primary gene identifier for the probe
ORF_LIST Entrez Gene ID
Gene Name Gene name
Gene Symbol Gene symbol
Celera Transcript List of Celera transcripts associated with the probe
GB_LIST List of RefSeq accessions associated with the probe
MGC List of MGC accessions associated with the probe
GenBank List of GenBank accessions associated with the probe
Ensembl Transcript List of Ensembl transcripts associated with the probe
ESTs List of EST accessions associated with the probe
Others List of other accessions associated with the probe
TaqMan Assay Inventory List of TaqMan assays (inventory) associated with genes for probe
TaqMan Assay Virtual List of TaqMan assays (virtual) associated with genes for probe
Status Status of gene associated with the probe

Data table
ID GeneID GENE ORF_LIST Gene Name Gene Symbol Celera Transcript GB_LIST MGC GenBank Ensembl Transcript ESTs Others TaqMan Assay Inventory TaqMan Assay Virtual Status SPOT_ID
156427 hCG1811459.2 null null null hCT2328995.1,hCT1643564.3 null null Hs00373450_m1,Hs00191244_m1 Hs01028191_m1,Hs01028192_m1,Hs01028194_m1,Hs01028195_m1,Hs01028196_m1 current Celera Transcript hCT2328995.1,Celera Transcript hCT1643564.3
139282 hCG2022854 2596 2596 growth associated protein 43 GAP43 hCT2319628,hCT2319630 NM_002045.2 BC007936.2 CR612258.1,M25667.1,BT019771.1,CR614045.1,CR607941.1 ENST00000358762,ENST00000305124 AL519551.3,BG184834.1,CD613833.1,BM720621.1,BP199413.1 null Hs00176645_m1 Hs00967138_m1 current
131316 hCG20768.4 10243 10243 gephyrin GPHN hCT11848.4,hCT1955809.2 NM_020806.3 BC030016.2 AJ272033.1,AB037806.1,AF272663.1,AJ272343.1 ENST00000315266,ENST00000305960 AA232725.1,CD630404.1,CX784062.1,BX480248.1,CR736255.1 null Hs00221190_m1 Hs00982852_m1,Hs00982851_m1,Hs00982853_m1,Hs00982849_m1,Hs00982848_m1 current
235751 hCG2024647 null null null hCT2322598 null null null Hs01023718_m1 current Celera Transcript hCT2322598
696770 hCG2038184 null null null hCT2342610 null null null Hs01391374_g1 current Celera Transcript hCT2342610
212224 hCG1999526.2 null null null hCT2282382.1 null null null Hs00940154_gH,Hs00940157_g1 pseudogene Celera Transcript hCT2282382.1
108888 hCG39186.3 55605 55605 kinesin family member 21A KIF21A hCT2279134,hCT30434.3,hCT2279136,hCT2279137,hCT1950723.1 NM_017641.2 AK124704.1,AF450487.1,BC047572.1,AB051495.2,BC032344.1 ENST00000313553,ENST00000341813 BM925091.1,BG742979.1,BI488898.1,BX343442.2,BQ421665.1 null Hs00286908_m1 Hs00926508_g1,Hs00924075_m1,Hs00924074_m1,Hs00924073_m1,Hs00924072_m1 current
708044 hCG1808630.2 null null null hCT1847890.2 null null null Hs00991727_m1,Hs00991726_m1 current Celera Transcript hCT1847890.2
178946 hCG1788762.1 909 909 CD1A antigen, a polypeptide CD1A hCT1828008.1,hCT2275261 NM_001763.1 BC031645.1 X04450.1,AL121986.12_CDS_1,M27735.1,M22167.1_CDS_1,M28825.1 ENST00000289429 AW949640.1,AA310607.1,AW949641.1 null Hs00381754_g1,Hs00233332_m1 Hs00381753_g1,Hs00972814_g1,Hs00381751_m1 current
233299 hCG1980144 null null null hCT2252270 null null null Hs00953976_s1 current Celera Transcript hCT2252270
179411 hCG40282.3 null null null hCT2340673 null null Hs00416215_m1 Hs01083719_m1,Hs00416214_m1,Hs01083720_m1,Hs01083721_m1,Hs00416213_m1 current Celera Transcript hCT2340673
220912 hCG2043042 null null null null null null null null current Celera hCG2043042
115338 hCG1782385.3 1495 1495 catenin (cadherin-associated protein), alpha 1, 102kDa CTNNA1 hCT2253782.1,hCT1821291.3,hCT2253785.1 NM_001903.2 BC000385.2,BC031262.1 AK094151.1,D14705.1,U03100.1,CR591756.1,D13866.1 ENST00000355078,ENST00000302763,ENST00000341317 CN368655.1,CV810110.1,AW968833.1,W23549.1,BU948420.1 null Hs00426996_m1 Hs00946606_m1,Hs00944792_mH,Hs00946605_g1,Hs00946608_m1,Hs00944794_m1 current
698913 XM_499597 439911 439911 hypothetical gene supported by NM_194304 null null XM_499597, XM_498467, NM_194304.1 AL832060.1,AK127450.1 null CK818609.1,BM685738.1,BI715235.1 null Hs00811972_s1 null current
206927 hCG33461.4 6503 6503 Src-like-adaptor SLA hCT24659.3 NM_006748.1 BC007042.1 CR617843.1,D89077.1,CR601997.1,BX648382.1,U44403.1 ENST00000338087 BX436824.2,BP210412.1,CD639628.1,BQ186175.1,CD520441.1 null Hs00277129_m1,Hs00153504_m1 Hs00897591_m1,Hs00897590_m1,Hs00897589_m1,Hs00897588_m1 current
139705 hCG38589.3 23581 23581 caspase 14, apoptosis-related cysteine protease CASP14 hCT2282679 NM_012114.1 BC069541.1 AF097874.1,AX006413.1_CDS_1,AX286371.1_CDS_1 ENST00000221740 BE940739.1 null Hs00201637_m1 Hs00973076_g1,Hs00973074_g1,Hs00973077_g1,Hs00973073_m1,Hs00973072_m1 current
110723 hCG1817858.2 null null null hCT1960437.2 null null Hs00543196_m1 Hs01061923_m1 current Celera Transcript hCT1960437.2
223159 hCG2018817 254187 254187 testis specific, 10 interacting protein TSGA10IP hCT2313116 NM_152762.1 AK057442.1 ENST00000312452 null Hs00330638_m1 Hs00949196_g1,Hs00949198_m1,Hs00949199_g1,Hs00949200_g1,Hs00949195_g1 current
705915 NM_198943.1 375260 375260 CXYorf1-related protein MGC52000 null NM_198943.1 BC048328.1 AY341936.1,BC073913.1,BC064371.1,AY217347.1,BC063893.1 ENST00000285718,ENST00000359512 CF456306.1,BX353465.2,BM561137.1,BU179439.1,BQ953474.1 null null null current
135547 hCG26840.3 7871 7871 sarcolemma associated protein SLMAP hCT17973.3,hCT1686447.3,hCT2280770 NM_007159.2 AF100750.1,AK022561.1,CR627321.1,AL834538.1,AB046821.1 ENST00000295952,ENST00000295951 BG115771.1,CK821751.1,BX487796.1,BG676390.1,BP258160.1 null Hs00200281_m1 Hs01058332_m1,Hs01058331_m1,Hs01058914_m1,Hs01058330_g1,Hs01058334_m1,Hs01058912_m1 current

Total number of rows: 32878

Table truncated, full table size 7651 Kbytes.

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