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Platform GPL2995 Query DataSets for GPL2995
Status Public on Jan 13, 2006
Title ABI Mouse Genome Survey Microarray
Technology type spotted oligonucleotide
Distribution commercial
Organism Mus musculus
Manufacturer Applied Biosystems
Manufacture protocol See manufacturer's web site
Description See manufacturer's web site
Web link
Submission date Oct 20, 2005
Last update date Apr 09, 2008
Contact name chunlin xiao
Phone 1-800-762-4001
Organization name Applied Biosystem
Street address 45 West Gude Drive
City Rockville
State/province MD
ZIP/Postal code 20850
Country USA
Samples (543) GSM105989, GSM105990, GSM105991, GSM105992, GSM105993, GSM105994 
Series (47)
GSE4692 Diet-induced obesity Kozak1_ABI_ING
GSE4697 Effect of a high fat diet on the hypothalami of mice susceptible to diet-induced obesity KOZAK2_ABI_HYP
GSE4829 ABI experiments for cross-platform study

Data table header descriptions
GeneID Primary gene identifier for the probe
Gene Name Gene name
Gene Symbol Gene symbol
Celera Transcript List of Celera transcripts associated with the probe
GB_LIST List of RefSeq accessions associated with the probe
MGC List of MGC accessions associated with the probe
GenBank List of GenBank accessions associated with the probe
Ensembl Transcript List of Ensembl transcripts associated with the probe
ESTs List of EST accessions associated with the probe
Others List of other accessions associated with the probe
TaqMan Assay Inventory List of TaqMan assays (inventory) associated with genes for probe
TaqMan Assay Virtual List of TaqMan assays (virtual) associated with genes for probe
Status Status of gene associated with the probe

Data table
ID GeneID GENE Gene Name Gene Symbol Celera Transcript GB_LIST MGC GenBank Ensembl Transcript ESTs Others TaqMan Assay Inventory TaqMan Assay Virtual Status SPOT_ID
370264 mCG1151.2 76559 RIKEN cDNA 2410024A21 gene 2410024A21Rik mCT8736.2,mCT178209 NM_029654.3 BC046427.1,BC024533.1 AK010577.1 ENSMUST00000041055 AA840425.1,AI122049.1,AA198554.1,BF471756.1,BG086004.2 2410024A21 Mm00512973_m1,Mm00620760_m1 Mm01334247_m1,Mm01334246_g1,Mm00512970_g1,Mm01339902_g1,Mm01339901_g1 current
577485 mCG51678.1 227697 transmembrane protein 15 Tmem15 mCT51861.1 NM_177648.2 BC026973.1 AK217764.1,BC019543.1,AK077581.1 ENSMUST00000061734 BY624777.1,BY472076.1,BY679579.1,BY642865.1,AA207608.1 5730455P14 Mm00624399_s1 Mm01338288_s1 current
456277 mCG8631.2 246256 Fc receptor-like 3 Fcrl3 mCT7080.2 NM_144559.1 BC027310.1 AK087863.1 ENSMUST00000053805 BY493688.1,BY510459.1,BY507079.1,BB558143.2,BY493210.1 E330032H08 Mm00519988_m1 null current
422129 mCG22969.2 14154 feminization 1 homolog a (C. elegans) Fem1a mCT15423.3 NM_010192.2 BC009161.1,BC054382.1 AK075860.1,AK129000.1,AK203417.1,AK080978.1,AK034412.1 ENSMUST00000060253 BB100170.1,BY403736.1,BB475540.1,BU526325.1,BB533985.1 2310003G01,B630016N13,9330187P20 null Mm01345903_s1,Mm01700331_s1 current
312133 mCG145276 null null null mCT184700 null null null Mm01277692_m1,Mm01277691_m1 current Celera Transcript mCT184700
828031 mCG127765.1 317717 SEC22 vesicle trafficking protein-like 2 (S. cerevisiae) Sec22l2 mCT129055.1,mCT176438,mCT176440 XM_148391,NM_133704.3 BC010189.1 AK082516.1,AK007341.1,AK044615.1 null BQ109227.1,BB280574.2,BG088302.2,AA163151.1,AA119813.1 1810005C06,C230058L12,A930027D12 Mm00505070_m1 Mm00505072_m1,Mm01349722_m1,Mm01343359_m1,Mm01349721_m1,Mm00678891_m1 current
624353 AK016118.1 null null null null null null null current AK016118.1
774404 mCG144635.1 null null null mCT184059,mCT190667 null null null Mm01319702_m1,Mm02025505_s1,Mm01319701_m1 current Celera Transcript mCT184059,Celera Transcript mCT190667
301015 mCG8700.1 74359 RIKEN cDNA 4931414P19 gene 4931414P19Rik mCT6982.1 NM_028890.1 BC029624.1 AK016457.1,BC034212.1 ENSMUST00000022786 CF551100.1,CB181891.1 4931414P19 Mm00551346_m1 Mm00551351_g1,Mm01323769_g1,Mm00551349_g1,Mm01323768_m1,Mm00551347_m1 current
371879 mCG7384.1 11470 actin-like 7a Actl7a mCT6237.1 NM_009611.1 BC049610.1 AK006631.1,AB023063.1,AF113519.1,AB079643.1_CDS_2 ENSMUST00000030137 CA463944.1,BU938690.1 1700038F08 null Mm01354071_s1 current
388961 AK086048.1 null null null null null null null current AK086048.1
892920 mCG53089.2,mCG23043.2 13669 eukaryotic translation initiation factor 3, subunit 10 (theta) Eif3s10 mCT22957.2,mCT53272.2 NM_010123.2 AK172899.1,X84651.1,X17373.1,U14172.1,AK082006.1 ENSMUST00000060023,ENSMUST00000025955 AL117741.1,CN725356.1,CO431250.1,CN717719.1,CB523607.1 C130093N16 Mm00468721_m1 Mm01266129_g1,Mm01266143_g1,Mm01266142_m1,Mm01266141_m1,Mm01266130_g1 current
498201 mCG7830.2 null null null mCT122158.1 null null null Mm01157729_g1,Mm01157727_g1,Mm01157726_m1,Mm01130278_mH current Celera Transcript mCT122158.1
388093 mCG10116.1 null null null null null Mm00622148_m1 Mm00622147_m1 current mCG10116.1
787300 mCG17551.1 229524 cDNA sequence BC008103 BC008103 mCT181517,mCT14208.2 NM_144898.1 BC008103.1 AK210571.1,AK179037.1,AK217071.1,AK183270.1 ENSMUST00000048089 C78031.1,AW413320.1,BY757638.1,BB709975.1,AW215633.1 null Mm00523231_g1 Mm01212772_g1,Mm01218142_g1,Mm01212771_g1,Mm01218141_g1,Mm01212770_g1 current
470796 mCG131717.2 68465 adiponectin receptor 2 Adipor2 mCT133055.1 NM_197985.2 BC024094.1 BC030936.1,AY424291.1 ENSMUST00000032272 AA710584.1,BG175374.1,BE134842.1,CF551067.1,BF789424.1 null null Mm01184032_m1,Mm01184031_g1,Mm01184030_m1,Mm01184029_m1,Mm01184028_m1 current
437610 mCG1048036.1 null null null mCT165740.1 null null null Mm01332052_s1 current Celera Transcript mCT165740.1
466290 mCG6532.2 51944 DNA segment, Chr 2, ERATO Doi 750, expressed D2Ertd750e mCT192356,mCT192355,mCT5030.2,mCT192354,mCT192353 NM_026412.1 BC031709.1 AK013184.1,AK012148.1,AK036374.1,AK028590.1,AK006328.1 ENSMUST00000028803 BI409028.1,BU513393.1,BG920993.1,AA111134.1,CA316334.1 9830001B14,4732406K19,1700025D04,2610524I02,2810428L08 Mm00518200_m1 Mm00518206_m1,Mm00518205_m1,Mm01279580_m1,Mm01279581_m1,Mm00518203_g1 current
329956 mCG9596.2 null null null mCT181582,mCT9558.2 null null null Mm01164255_g1,Mm01168356_m1,Mm01164254_m1,Mm01138970_m1,Mm01138969_m1,Mm01138968_m1 current Celera Transcript mCT181582,Celera Transcript mCT9558.2
418135 AK051520.1 null null null null null null null current AK051520.1

Total number of rows: 33012

Table truncated, full table size 6456 Kbytes.

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