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Platform GPL6511 Query DataSets for GPL6511
Status Public on Feb 21, 2008
Title ABI Human Genome Survey Microarray Version 1
Technology type spotted oligonucleotide
Distribution custom-commercial
Organism Homo sapiens
Manufacturer Applied Biosystems
Manufacture protocol see manufacturer's web site;jsessionid=HyNBrYvlwy6ncF1Kn3KVLSLwlbXWyxZLRyZJthLvtFdht7vG2L2T!161467451?cmd=catProductDetail&productID=4359030&catID=602388&backButton=true
Citation(s) 19545487, 19290808
Submission date Feb 20, 2008
Last update date Feb 25, 2010
Organization name IMIM
Street address DR.AIGUADER 88
City Barcelona
ZIP/Postal code 08003
Country Spain
Samples (9) GSM266996, GSM266997, GSM266998, GSM266999, GSM267000, GSM267001 
Series (1)
GSE10590 Human in vivo nutrigenomic effect of olive oil

Data table header descriptions
Gene_ID Human Celera gene identity
GB_LIST RefSeq accession number
UniGene UniGene accession number
GB_Accession GenBank accession number of spotted sequence

Data table
ID Gene_ID ORF Gene_Name GB_LIST UniGene GB_Accession GB_LIST SPOT_ID
100002 hCG1643199.4 hCG1643199.4
100003 hCG2041918 hCG2041918
100027 hCG31426.2 ZNF192 zinc finger protein 192 NM_006298.1 Hs.57679 U57796.1 U57796.1
100036 hCG1979099.1 ZNF532 zinc finger protein 532 NM_018181.3 Hs.368756 AK001559.1;AB046849.1;BC036366.1;AK122835.1;AK128058.1;AY039256.1 AK001559.1; AB046849.1; BC036366.1; AK122835.1; AK128058.1; AY039256.1
100037 hCG42687.4 UBE2I ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2I (UBC9 homolog, yeast) NM_194260.1; NM_003345.3; NM_194261.1; NM_194259.1 Hs.302903 BT006932.1;AL031714.8_CDS_1;U66867.1;D45050.1;X96427.1;U38785.1;AE006466.1_CDS_10;U31882.1;AK093616.1;U31933.1;BC000744.2;BC000427.2;BC004437.1;BC004429.1;U29092.1;U45328.1;BT007010.1;U66818.1;AJ002385.1;BC051289.1 BT006932.1; AL031714.8; U66867.1; D45050.1; X96427.1; U38785.1; AE006466.10; U31882.1; AK093616.1; U31933.1; BC000744.2; BC000427.2; BC004437.1; BC004429.1; U29092.1; U45328.1; BT007010.1; U66818.1; AJ002385.1; BC051289.1
100039 hCG2015782 ANAPC7 anaphase promoting complex subunit 7 NM_016238.1 Hs.530379 BC017316.2;BC040130.1;AK021809.1;AX881615.1_CDS_1;AF191340.1;BC009498.2 BC017316.2; BC040130.1; AK021809.1; AX881615.1; AF191340.1; BC009498.2
100044 hCG36953.3 FGF1 fibroblast growth factor 1 (acidic) NM_000800.2; NM_033137.1; NM_033136.1 Hs.278954 AF211169.1;X51943.1 AF211169.1; X51943.1
100045 hCG1776836.3 NM_198453.1 AB040936.1;BX648163.1;BC034225.1;AK128517.1 AB040936.1; BX648163.1; BC034225.1; AK128517.1
100051 hCG1642464.3 hCG1642464.3
100052 hCG22993.3 CAMK1G calcium/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase IG NM_020439.2 Hs.199068 AX399682.1_CDS_1;BC032787.1;AF428261.1;AL049688.1 AX399682.1; BC032787.1; AF428261.1; AL049688.1
100057 hCG1793655.1 BC027612.2;AK098698.1 BC027612.2; AK098698.1
100058 hCG33215.3 MGC2963 hypothetical protein MGC2963 NM_031298.1 Hs.30011 BC001409.1 BC001409.1
100060 hCG22998.3 ZMYND12 zinc finger, MYND domain containing 12 NM_032257.3 Hs.294009 AK057384.1;BC024186.2;AL136858.1 AK057384.1; BC024186.2; AL136858.1
100062 hCG2039675 APOBEC3F apolipoprotein B mRNA editing enzyme, catalytic polypeptide-like 3F NM_145298.3 Hs.337667 BC038808.1 BC038808.1
100064 hCG14966.2 EREG epiregulin NM_001432.1 Hs.115263 D30783.1 D30783.1
100079 hCG2012240 HSPD1 heat shock 60kDa protein 1 (chaperonin) NM_199440.1; NM_002156.4 Hs.79037 BC003030.1;BC002676.2;BC067082.1;AJ250915.1_CDS_2;BC047350.1;M22382.1;M34664.1;BX647145.1 BC003030.1; BC002676.2; BC067082.1; AJ250915.1; BC047350.1; M22382.1; M34664.1; BX647145.1
100089 hCG22245.3 C14orf114 chromosome 14 open reading frame 114 NM_018199.1 Hs.65797 BX647767.1;BC001962.1;AK056025.1;AL834434.1;AX877083.1_CDS_1;AK001600.1;BX161412.1 BX647767.1; BC001962.1; AK056025.1; AL834434.1; AX877083.1; AK001600.1; BX161412.1
100093 hCG17268.3 GLI3 GLI-Kruppel family member GLI3 (Greig cephalopolysyndactyly syndrome) NM_000168.2 Hs.72916 M57609.1 M57609.1
100095 hCG1817887.1 hCG1817887.1
100100 hCG2005880 EXOSC10 exosome component 10 NM_002685.1 Hs.321234 AK123365.1;AK093955.1;AJ300188.1_CDS_2;BC009908.2;BC028687.1;BC039901.1;L01457.1;X66113.1 AK123365.1; AK093955.1; AJ300188.1; BC009908.2; BC028687.1; BC039901.1; L01457.1; X66113.1

Total number of rows: 32878

Table truncated, full table size 4745 Kbytes.

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