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A cancer of the prostate. [from HPO]

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  • Also known as: AIS, AR8, DHTR, HUMARA, HYSP1, KD, NR3C4, SBMA, SMAX1, TFM, AR
    Summary: androgen receptor

  • Also known as: BRCC2, BROVCA2, FACD, FAD, FAD1, FANCD, FANCD1, GLM3, PNCA2, XRCC11, BRCA2
    Summary: BRCA2 DNA repair associated

  • Also known as: Arc-1, BCDS1, CD324, CDHE, ECAD, LCAM, UVO, CDH1
    Summary: cadherin 1

  • Also known as: CDS1, CHK2, HuCds1, LFS2, PP1425, RAD53, TPDS4, hCds1, CHEK2
    Summary: checkpoint kinase 2

  • Also known as: BCD1, CBA1, COPEB, CPBP, GBF, PAC1, ST12, ZF9, KLF6
    Summary: KLF transcription factor 6

  • Also known as: MAD1, MVA7, PIG9, TP53I9, TXBP181, MAD1L1
    Summary: mitotic arrest deficient 1 like 1

  • Also known as: MAD2, MXD2, MXI, bHLHc11, MXI1
    Summary: MAX interactor 1, dimerization protein

  • Also known as: 10q23del, BZS, CWS1, DEC, GLM2, MHAM, MMAC1, PTEN1, PTENbeta, TEP1, PTEN
    Summary: phosphatase and tensin homolog

  • Also known as: ATBF1, ATBT, ATFB8, C16orf47, ZFH-3, ZNF927, ZFHX3
    Summary: zinc finger homeobox 3

Clinical features


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Suggested reading

Practice guidelines

  • NCCN, 2022
    NCCN Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology, Prostate Cancer, Version 4.2022
  • NICE, 2021
    UK NICE Guideline NG131, Prostate cancer: diagnosis and management, 2021
  • NCCN, 2011
    NCCN Task Force report: Evaluating the clinical utility of tumor markers in oncology.

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