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Integrated Genetics – Sequenom

GTR Lab ID: 500077, Last updated:2023-11-28


  • Director: Philip Cacheris, Lab Director
  • Director: Rama Ghatti, Lab Director
    Phone: 858-202-9331
    Email: Ghattir@LabCorp.com
  • Sidra Boshes, Genetic Counselor
  • Jenna Wardrop, Genetic Counselor

Conditions and tests

  • 11q partial monosomy syndrome1 test
  • 4p partial monosomy syndrome1 test
  • 5p partial monosomy syndrome2 tests
  • Advanced maternal age gravida1 test
  • Aneuploidy, chromosomal rearrangements, chromosomal deletion, chromosomal duplication2 tests
  • Angelman syndrome1 test
  • Autosomal chromosomal disorder1 test
  • Chromosome 13q trisomy1 test
  • Chromosome 1p36 deletion syndrome2 tests
  • Chromosome 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, distal1 test
  • Chromosome 3, trisomy 3p1 test
  • Chromosome 5, trisomy 5p1 test
  • Complete trisomy 13 syndrome2 tests
  • Complete trisomy 20 syndrome1 test
  • Complete trisomy 21 syndrome2 tests
  • Congenital chromosomal disease1 test
  • COVID-191 test
  • DiGeorge syndrome1 test
  • Distal monosomy 10p1 test
  • Klinefelter syndrome1 test
  • Langer-Giedion syndrome1 test
  • Microdeletion / Duplication Syndromes, Absence of Heterozygosity, Aneuploidy2 tests
  • Partial duplication of the short arm of chromosome 162 tests
  • Prader-Willi syndrome2 tests
  • Trisomy1 test
  • Trisomy 182 tests
  • Trisomy 222 tests
  • Trisomy 81 test
  • Trisomy X syndrome1 test
  • Turner syndrome1 test

List of services

  • Prenatal testing

List of certifications/licenses


  • CLIAHelp, Number: 05D2015356, Expiration date: 2025-08-22
  • CAP, Number: 7527138, Expiration date: 2025-11-20


  • CA - California Department of Public Health CDPH, Number: CLF 00339964, Expiration date: 2024-09-05
  • MD - Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene DHMH, Number: 1728, Effective date: 2018-07-01 Non-expiring
  • NY - New York State Department of Health NYSDOH, Number: 05D2015356, Expiration date: 2024-06-30
  • PA - Pennsylvania Department of Health PADOH, Number: 032136, Expiration date: 2024-08-15
  • RI - State of Rhode Island Department of Health RIDOH, Number: LCO00657, Expiration date: 2024-12-30

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