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Clinical Genomics Laboratory

GTR Lab ID: 505820, Last updated:2023-09-26


  • Director: Julie Biggerstaff, PhD, ABMGG Board Certified, FACMG, Diplomate of the American Board of, Lab Associate Director
    Email: juliasb@uw.edu
  • Director: Christine Disteche, PhD, ABMGG Board Certified, Diplomate of the American Board of Medica, Lab Associate Director
    Email: cdistech@uw.edu
  • Director: Yajuan Liu, PhD, ABMGG Board Certified, FACMG, Diplomate of the American Board of, Lab Director
    Phone: 206-685-1170
    Email: yajuan@uw.edu
  • Whitney Neufeld-Kaiser, MS, Certified Genetic counselor, CGC, Genetic Counselor
    Phone: 206-598-8684
    Fax: 206-616-1899
    Email: whitneyn@uw.edu
  • Yu Wu, PhD, Lab Supervisor
    Email: yw76@uw.edu

Conditions and tests

  • 4p partial monosomy syndrome1 test
  • 5p partial monosomy syndrome1 test
  • 7q11.23 microduplication syndrome1 test
  • Acute lymphoid leukemia2 tests
  • Acute myeloid leukemia2 tests
  • Advanced maternal age gravida1 test
  • Angelman syndrome1 test
  • Autism spectrum disorder1 test
  • B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma2 tests
  • Chromophobe renal cell carcinoma1 test
  • Chromosome 15q11.2 duplication syndrome1 test
  • Chromosome 1p36 deletion syndrome1 test
  • Chromosome 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, distal1 test
  • Chromosome 22q11.2 microduplication syndrome1 test
  • Chronic lymphatic leukemia2 tests
  • Clear cell carcinoma of kidney1 test
  • Cognitive impairment1 test
  • Congenital chromosomal disease1 test
  • Dysmorphic features1 test
  • Glioblastoma2 tests
  • Hematologic neoplasm1 test
  • Hypogonadism with anosmia1 test
  • Infertility1 test
  • Infertility due to oligospermia1 test
  • Intellectual disability1 test
  • Known OR suspected fetal abnormality affecting management of mother1 test
  • Lung carcinoma1 test
  • Lymphoid leukemia1 test
  • Lymphoma2 tests
  • Male infertility1 test
  • Maternal care for suspected chromosomal abnormality in fetus1 test
  • Miller Dieker syndrome1 test
  • Miscarriage1 test
  • Multiple congenital anomalies2 tests
  • Multiple myeloma3 tests
  • Myelodysplastic syndrome2 tests
  • Myeloid leukemia1 test
  • Nonpapillary renal cell carcinoma1 test
  • Pallister-Killian syndrome1 test
  • Papillary renal cell carcinoma1 test
  • Plasma cell neoplasm1 test
  • Potocki-Lupski syndrome1 test
  • Prader-Willi syndrome1 test
  • Renal cell carcinoma2 tests
  • Sarcoma2 tests
  • Smith-Magenis syndrome1 test
  • Solid tumor3 tests
  • Velocardiofacial syndrome1 test
  • Williams syndrome1 test
  • X-linked ichthyosis with steryl-sulfatase deficiency1 test
  • Y chromosome deletions1 test
  • Y chromosome-related disorders1 test

List of services

  • Clinical Testing/Confirmation of Mutations Identified Previously
  • Confirmation of research findings
  • Custom Deletion/Duplication Testing
  • Custom microarray analysis
  • Marker Chromosome Identification

List of certifications/licenses


  • CLIAHelp, Number: 50D2093534, Expiration date: 2025-06-30
  • CAP, Number: 9041681, Expiration date: 2025-09-05


  • WA - Washington State Department of Health DOH, Number: MTSA.FS.60552669, Expiration date: 2025-06-30

Participation in external programs

Standardization programs

  • ISCA Consortium (International Standards for Cytogenomic Arrays)

Data exchange Programs

  • ICCG (International Collaboration for Clinical Genetics) - Previously ISCA

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