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HomoloGene:137336. Gene conserved in Murinae Download , Links
Genes identified as putative homologs of one another during the construction of HomoloGene.

Proteins used in sequence comparisons and their conserved domain architectures.

Slc22a21,  M.musculus
solute carrier family 22 (organic cation transporter), member 21
564 aa
LOC303140,  R.norvegicus
up-regulator of carnitine transporter, OCTN2
555 aa

Protein Alignments
Protein multiple alignment, pairwise similarity scores and evolutionary distances.

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Pairwise alignments generated using BLAST
Regenerate Alignments

Conserved Domains
Conserved Domains from CDD found in protein sequences by rpsblast searching.
MFS (cd06174)
  The Major Facilitator Superfamily (MFS) is a large and diverse group of secondary transporters that includes uniporters, symporters, and antiporters. MFS proteins facilitate the transport across cytoplasmic or internal membranes of a variety of ...




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