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HomoloGene:138418. Gene conserved in Catarrhini Download , Links
Genes identified as putative homologs of one another during the construction of HomoloGene.

Proteins used in sequence comparisons and their conserved domain architectures.

MUC19,  H.sapiens
mucin 19, oligomeric
8384 aa
MUC19,  P.troglodytes
mucin 19, oligomeric
7993 aa
MUC19,  M.mulatta
mucin 19, oligomeric
3134 aa

Protein Alignments
Protein multiple alignment, pairwise similarity scores and evolutionary distances.

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Pairwise alignments generated using BLAST
Regenerate Alignments

Conserved Domains
Conserved Domains from CDD found in protein sequences by rpsblast searching.
VWC_out (smart00215)
  von Willebrand factor (vWF) type C domain.
18 (PHA02539)
  tail sheath protein; Provisional.
FhaB (COG3210)
  Large exoproteins involved in heme utilization or adhesion [Intracellular trafficking and secretion].
TIL (pfam01826)
  Trypsin Inhibitor like cysteine rich domain.
Herpes_UL32 (pfam06070)
  Herpesvirus large structural phosphoprotein UL32.
TrbL (cl01503)
  TrbL/VirB6 plasmid conjugal transfer protein.
VWD (cl02516)
  von Willebrand factor type D domain.
C8 (cl07383)
  This domain contains 8 conserved cysteine residues, but this family only contains 7 of them to overlaps with other domains. It is found in disease-related proteins including von Willebrand factor, Alpha tectorin, Zonadhesin and Mucin. It is often found on proteins containing pfam00094 and pfam01826.
DAN (cl17734)
  DAN domain.
VWC (cl17735)
  von Willebrand factor type C domain.




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