Query Tips

Entrez query allows users to search for HomoloGene Entries using these terms.  However, the summary information displayed with Entrez results might not contain the query term used. Queries can be made more specific by restricting the terms to specific fields.

More about searching Entrez.

Field Restrictions

Term Description
[Ancestor] Taxonomic name of common ancestor of the species represented in a HomoloGene entry.
[Gene Description] Detailed description of a Gene.
[Gene Id] Unique Gene Identifier.
[Gene Name] Gene Aliases.
[Nucleotide Accession] GenBank accession identifier of nucleotide sequence.
[Nucleotide GI] Unique Nucleotide identifier.
[Organism] Description of the organism or the NCBI Taxonomy ID of a species.
[Protein Accession] The protein accession number of a protein.
[Protein GI] Unique Protein identifier.
[Text Word] Free text to be searched for in HomoloGene.
[Title] Summary of HomoloGene entry
[UniGene ID] Unique Unigene identifier.

Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT must be in uppercase, and "*" is used as a wildcard.

Queries must not start with NOT, and wildcards must be used at the end, not within, the query string. Wildcards will only consider the first 150 matches to the string.

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