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Mismatch repair cancer syndrome 3

Mismatch repair cancer syndrome-3 (MMRCS3) is an autosomal recessive childhood cancer predisposition syndrome characterized by brain tumors, hematologic malignancy, and gastrointestinal tumors. Multiple cafe-au-lait spots, axillary freckling, and, rarely, Lisch nodules reminiscent of neurofibromatosis type I (NF1; 162200) may be present (Hegde et al., 2005, Ostergaard et al., 2005). Microsatellite instability may be detected in tumor samples (Hegde et al., 2005). For a discussion of genetic heterogeneity of mismatch repair cancer syndrome, see MMRCS1 (276300). [from OMIM]

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Disease or Syndrome

Neoplasm of the rectum

A benign or malignant neoplasm that affects the rectum. Representative examples of benign neoplasms include lipoma and leiomyoma. Representative examples of malignant neoplasms include carcinoma, lymphoma, and sarcoma. Rectal adenomas always exhibit epithelial dysplasia and are considered premalignant neoplasms. [from NCI]

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Neoplastic Process

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