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A family of Primates of the suborder Strepsirhini containing four genera. The family is distributed in parts of Africa and Southeast Asian. The four genera are: Arctocebus (angwantibos) and Perodicticus (pottos) in the subfamily Perodicticinae and Loris (slender lorises) and Nycticebus (slow lorises) in the subfamily Lorisinae. All are arboreal and nocturnal. Genus GALAGO is now classified in the family GALAGIDAE.

Year introduced: 1981

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Tree Number(s): B01.050.150.900.649.313.988.700.572

MeSH Unique ID: D008142

Registry Number: txid9461

Entry Terms:

  • Arctocebus
  • Angwantibos
  • Angwantibo
  • Loris Genus
  • Genus, Loris
  • Genus Loris
  • Loris, Genus
  • Slender Lorises
  • Perodicticus
  • Pottos
  • Potto
  • Perodicticus potto
  • Nycticebus
  • Slow Lorises
  • Lorises, Slow
  • Loris, Slow
  • Slow Loris
  • Perodicticinae
  • Lorisinae

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