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A 28-amino acid, acylated, orexigenic peptide that is a ligand for GROWTH HORMONE SECRETAGOGUE RECEPTORS. Ghrelin is widely expressed but primarily in the stomach in the adults. Ghrelin acts centrally to stimulate growth hormone secretion and food intake, and peripherally to regulate energy homeostasis. Its large precursor protein, known as appetite-regulating hormone or motilin-related peptide, contains ghrelin and obestatin.

Year introduced: 2008 (2000)

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Tree Number(s): D06.472.699.301, D12.644.548.322

MeSH Unique ID: D054439

Entry Terms:

  • GHRL Protein
  • Ppghrelin
  • Ghrelin-Obestatin Preprohormone
  • Ghrelin Obestatin Preprohormone
  • Motilin-Related Peptide Precursor
  • Motilin Related Peptide Precursor
  • Peptide Precursor, Motilin-Related
  • Precursor, Motilin-Related Peptide
  • Ghrelin Precursor
  • Precursor, Ghrelin
  • Obestatin
  • Appetite-Regulating Hormone
  • Appetite Regulating Hormone
  • Motilin-Related Peptide
  • Motilin Related Peptide
  • Gastric MLTRP

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