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PMC Journal Selection Statistics

The current scientific and editorial quality review process for journals that apply to participate in PMC has been in place since November 2014. The following table includes details about the number of journals that have been reviewed and found to meet PMC's Scientific Quality standard since that time.

Fiscal Year (Oct. 1-Sep. 30) Reviewed[1] Passed Scientific Evaluation[2]
2021 487 153
2020 522 168
2019 504 149
2018 504 170
2017 717 234
2016 401 210
2015 N/A[3] 128

[1] Total number of journal applications reviewed by NLM

[2] Of the journals reviewed, total number found to meet PMC's Scientific and Editorial Quality standard

[3] Complete data not available for FY 2015 as PMC was transitioning to a new application tracking system, the PMC Publisher Portal.

Last modified: Thu Oct. 21 2021