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PMC Author Manuscript Dataset

The PMC Author Manuscript Dataset (“Dataset”) consists of all author manuscripts that have been made available in PMC in compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy or similar policies of other funders since July 2008. The text of manuscripts in the Dataset may be retrieved in XML and plain text formats using the retrieval methods described below.

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  • Not all articles in PMC are available for text mining and other reuse.
  • The PMC Cloud Service, PMC OAI-PMH Service, PMC FTP Service, E-Utilities and BioC API are the only services that may be used for automated retrieval of PMC content. Systematic retrieval (or bulk retrieval) of articles through any other automated process is prohibited.
  • License terms vary. Please refer to the license statement in each article for specific terms of use.
  • Users of this dataset are directly and solely responsible for compliance with copyright restrictions and are expected to adhere to the terms and conditions defined by the copyright holder (see the PMC Copyright Notice).

Retrieval Methods

The Author Manuscript Dataset is available via:

Terms of Use

These files are available for text mining. They may also be used consistent with the principles of applicable copyright law.

How to Cite

Last modified: Fri April 7 2023