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Funariaceae BRK1 (BRK1) gene, partial cds.

PopSet: 1158626214

Study Details

Polyploidization within the Funariaceae-a key principle behind speciation, sporophyte reduction and the high variance of spore diameters?

Ostendorf,A.K., Van Gessel,N., Malkowsky,Y., Sabovljevic,M.S., Rensing,S.A., Roth-Nebelsick,A. and Reski,R.

(06-30-2021) Bryophyt Divers Evol 43:(1)

Sequences in this data set

  • KY660705.1Funaria calvescens voucher ASV19883 BRK1 (BRK1) gene, partial cds
  • KY660704.1Funaria hygrometrica voucher ASV27412 BRK1 (BRK1) gene, partial cds
  • KY660703.1Funaria hygrometrica voucher 6194 BRK1 (BRK1) gene, partial cds
  • KY660702.1Entosthodon convexus voucher 40665 BRK1 (BRK1) gene, partial cds
  • KY660701.1Entosthodon muhlenbergii voucher BRYO01614 BRK1 (BRK1) gene, partial cds
  • KY660700.1Entosthodon muhlenbergii voucher 48004 BRK1 (BRK1) gene, partial cds
  • KY660699.1Entosthodon attenuatus voucher ASV33379 BRK1 (BRK1) gene, partial cds
  • KY660698.1Entosthodon attenuatus voucher ASV25917 BRK1 (BRK1) gene, partial cds
  • KY660697.1Entosthodon bonplandii voucher MN111776 BRK1 (BRK1) gene, partial cds
  • KY660696.1Physcomitrella patens voucher 50728 BRK1 (BRK1) gene, partial cds
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