As previously announced, (April 19, 2018), dbSNP Entrez currently only house human data. In addition, the Entrez and eUtils report formats RS docsum, XML, ASN.1, FASTA, and FLAT format will no longer be available. dbSNP entrez will transition to a new single compact eSummary format. Please see here for further details. Please contact if you have any comments or concerns.

Eutils for EntrezSNP

Eutils General Help :

Online Book: Building Customized Data Pipelines Using the Entrez Programming Utilities (eUtils)

Contact: Please contact for technical questions regarding the Entrez retrieval system


eFetch params for EntrezSNP:

# (id=NNNNNN[,NNNN,etc]) or (query_key=NNN, where NNN - number in the history, 0 - clipboard content for current database)
# db=snp (mandatory)
# report= (listed below)

Report Description Example
FLT Flat File
RSR RS CLuster Report
ssexemplar SS Exemplar List
CHR Chromosome Report
DocSet Summary
uilist UI (RS) List

# mode=[html, file, text, asn.1, xml] (Optional; default is html)
# dispstart - first element to display, from 0 to count - 1, (Optional; default is 0)
# dispmax - number of items to display (Optional; default is all elements, from dispstart)