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Submitter Handle:EVA
Submitter Batch ID:PRJEB15385
Submitter Method ID:ILLUMINA
Citation:not supplied
Comment:not supplied
Batch Total SubSNP(ss) Count:5404010

SubSNP(ss) Submitter
Samplesize RefSNP(rs) ss2rs
Chr ChrPos Contig
ss2137544057 PRJEB15385_1_126113 A/C 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378284 PRJEB15385_1_534324 G/T 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378285 PRJEB15385_1_535131 G/T 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378286 PRJEB15385_1_550515 C/T 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378287 PRJEB15385_1_565419 C/G 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378288 PRJEB15385_1_567239 -/G 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378289 PRJEB15385_1_570254 A/G 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378290 PRJEB15385_1_592368 A/G 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378291 PRJEB15385_1_610426 A/G 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378292 PRJEB15385_1_628140 C/T 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378293 PRJEB15385_1_645605 A/T 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378294 PRJEB15385_1_649192 A/T 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378295 PRJEB15385_1_655642 A/G 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378296 PRJEB15385_1_662414 C/T 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378297 PRJEB15385_1_662622 A/G 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378298 PRJEB15385_1_662857 A/G 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378299 PRJEB15385_1_663097 C/G 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378300 PRJEB15385_1_665266 C/T 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378301 PRJEB15385_1_666543 A/G 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378302 PRJEB15385_1_672232 C/T 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378303 PRJEB15385_1_676118 C/T 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378304 PRJEB15385_1_693731 A/G 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378305 PRJEB15385_1_693823 C/G 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378306 PRJEB15385_1_703255 C/T 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378307 PRJEB15385_1_704367 C/T 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378308 PRJEB15385_1_705882 A/G 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378309 PRJEB15385_1_706368 A/G 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378310 PRJEB15385_1_706778 A/G 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378311 PRJEB15385_1_707522 C/G 4 N.D. N.D.
ss3836378312 PRJEB15385_1_710122 C/T 4 N.D. N.D.
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