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Submitter Handle:TOPMED
Submitter Batch ID:Freeze 8 variant calls-chr13
Submitter Method ID:FREEZE 8
Citation:not supplied
Population:freeze 8 samples
Comment:not supplied
Batch Total SubSNP(ss) Count:24217265

SubSNP(ss) Submitter
Samplesize RefSNP(rs) ss2rs
Chr ChrPos Contig
ss2137544162 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,281 A/G 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341267 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,314 A/G 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341268 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,317 -/TATA 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341269 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,327 -/AAG 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341270 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,340 C/T 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341271 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,345-02 C/G 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341272 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,350 A/C 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341273 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,375 A/C 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341274 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,379 -/A 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341275 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,384 C/T 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341276 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,385 A/G 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341277 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,388 -/TC 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341278 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,398 C/T 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341279 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,411 -/TG 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341280 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,445 -/AGA 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341281 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,446 A/C 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341282 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,448 -/AGG 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341283 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,459-01 A/C 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341284 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,459-02 C/G 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341285 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,459-03 C/T 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341286 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,466 C/G 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341287 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,467 C/T 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341288 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,469 C/T 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341289 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,470 G/T 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341290 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,471-01 C/T 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341291 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,471-02 -/AG 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341292 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,473-01 A/G 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341293 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,473-02 G/T 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341294 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,488 C/G 264690 N.D. N.D.
ss4938341295 TOPMed_freeze_8?chr13_18,171,490 A/T 264690 N.D. N.D.
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