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SNP Submitter Contact Detail
Handle information for the lab: BCM_SSAHASNP
fax: 713-798-5741
lab: Human Genome Sequencing Center
name: Kim Worley, Lowell Umayam and Jim Mullikin
address: One Baylor Plaza, Houston, TX 77030
phone: 713-798-6539
institution: Human Genome Sequencing Center, Baylor College of Medicine, and NHGRI, NIH

Batch Type Submitter batch id Release build id Organism
Assay BCM_HTWB_SNPS_200403 121 Homo sapiens
Assay BCM_HTWD_SNPS_200403 121 Homo sapiens
Assay BCM_HTWF_SNPS_200403 121 Homo sapiens
Assay BCM_HTWE_SNPS_200403 121 Homo sapiens
Validation doubleHit_2004Apr21 121 Homo sapiens
Validation doubleHit_Mar2004 120 Homo sapiens
Validation doubleHit_Jan2004 119 Homo sapiens
Assay BCM_HTWF_SNPS_200310 118 Homo sapiens
Assay BCM_HTWB_SNPS_200310 118 Homo sapiens
Assay Baylor-WGS-200310 118 Homo sapiens
Assay BCM_HTWE_SNPS_200310 118 Homo sapiens
Assay BCM_HTWD_SNPS_200310 118 Homo sapiens
Validation doubleHit_Oct2003 117 Homo sapiens
Assay Baylor-WGS-200306-1 116 Homo sapiens
Assay Baylor-WGS-200306-2 116 Homo sapiens
Assay Baylor-WGS-200306-3 116 Homo sapiens
Assay Baylor-WGS-200306-4 116 Homo sapiens
Validation doubleHit_Jul2003 116 Homo sapiens
Validation doubleHit_May2003 116 Homo sapiens