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Method Detail
Submitter Method Handle: KOGIC
Submitter Method ID: KOGIC_WGS
Submitted method description:
Genomic DNA was isolated from human blood samples, using the DNeasy Blood & Tissue kit (Qiagen, Germany) in accordance with the manufacturerâ??s protocol.
Genomic DNA from saliva samples was isolated using the GeneAll Exgene TM clinic SV mini kit. Extracted DNA was quantified using the Quant-iT BR assay kit (Invitrogen).
High-molecular-weight genomic DNA was sheared using a Covaris S2 ultra sonicator system to obtain fragments of appropriate sizes. Libraries with short 350-bp inserts
for paired-end reads were prepared using the TruSeq Nano DNA sample prep kit in accordance with the manufacturerâ??s protocol for Illumina-based sequencing.

This method was used in the following submission:

Submitter Handle Batch Type Submitter batch id Release build id
KOGIC Assay Korea1K 151