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Method Detail
Submitter Method Handle: SNP500CANCER
Submitter Method ID: SEQUENCING
Submitted method description:
PCR reactions were performed with genomic DNA and products were analysed by DNA sequencing.
Template: 50 ng genomic DNA
Primer: each 0.5 uM
dNTPs: each 0.2 mM
PCR Buffer: 5 ul (10X), Mg 2+ 1.5 mM, Taq Polymerase: 1.25units/ul

This method was used in the following submission:

Submitter Handle Batch Type Submitter batch id Release build id
SNP500CANCER Frequency 03062003_update 112
SNP500CANCER Frequency 09022003 117
SNP500CANCER Frequency 08272003 117
SNP500CANCER Frequency 09022003_update 118
SNP500CANCER Frequency 08102005 125
SNP500CANCER Frequency 08102005_2 126
SNP500CANCER Frequency SNP500CANCER_07_03_08_A 130
SNP500CANCER Assay 03062003_update 112
SNP500CANCER Assay 05012003_update 115
SNP500CANCER Assay 09022003 117
SNP500CANCER Assay 08272003 117
SNP500CANCER Assay 08272003_update 118
SNP500CANCER Assay 09022003_update 118
SNP500CANCER Assay 08102005 125
SNP500CANCER Assay SNP500CANCER_07_03_08_A 130