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Population Detail
Submitter Population Handle: PARC
Submitter Population ID: PARC-AFRICAN-PANEL
Population Text:
This population of 24 individuals (12 male/12 female) is composed of DNA available from the Coriell Cell Repository. These individuals were selected from the human variation panel of 50 African Americans (HD50AA). CCR ID PARC ID SEX NA17101 D001 M NA17102 D002 M NA17103 D003 M NA17104 D004 M NA17105 D005 M NA17106 D006 M NA17107 D007 M NA17108 D008 M NA17109 D009 M NA17110 D010 F NA17111 D011 M NA17112 D012 F NA17113 D013 F NA17114 D014 M NA17115 D015 M NA17116 D016 F NA17133 D033 F NA17134 D034 F NA17135 D035 F NA17136 D036 F NA17137 D037 F NA17138 D038 F NA17139 D039 F NA17140 D040 F

This population has the following individual samples:
ind id
dbSNP_ind_id Submitted
ind grp
D001 832 African
D002 833 African
D003 834 African
D004 835 African
D005 836 African
D006 837 African
D007 838 African
D008 839 African
D009 840 African
D010 841 African
D011 842 African
D012 843 African
D013 844 African
D014 845 African
D015 846 African
D016 847 African
D033 864 African
D034 865 African
D035 866 African
D036 867 African
D037 868 African
D038 869 African
D039 870 African
D040 871 African

Following lists up to 1000 submissions in each type(assay,genotype,frequency) linked to this population:

Submitter Handle Batch Type Submitter batch id Release build id
PARC Genotype AGT-AFRICAN-121503 119
PARC Genotype APOB-AFRICAN-051304 121
PARC Genotype APOC2-AFRICAN-051804 121
PARC Genotype APOC4-AFRICAN-051804 121
PARC Genotype HMGCR-AFRICAN-112204 123
PARC Genotype LCAT-AFRICAN-051304 121
PARC Genotype LDLR-AFRICAN-051304 121
PARC Genotype PPARA-AFRICAN-051304 121
PARC Genotype PPARG-AFRICAN-051304 121
PARC Genotype REN-AFRICAN-011504 119
PARC Frequency AGT-AFRICAN-121503 119
PARC Frequency AGTR1-AFRICAN-050604 121
PARC Frequency AGTR2-AFRICAN-050604 121
PARC Frequency CETP-AFRICAN-050604 121
PARC Frequency HMGCR-AFRICAN-112204 123
PARC Frequency REN-AFRICAN-011504 119
PARC Assay AGT-AFRICAN-121503 119
PARC Assay AGTR1-AFRICAN-050604 121
PARC Assay AGTR2-AFRICAN-050604 121
PARC Assay APOB-AFRICAN-051304 121
PARC Assay APOC2-AFRICAN-051804 121
PARC Assay APOC4-AFRICAN-051804 121
PARC Assay CETP-AFRICAN-050604 121
PARC Assay HMGCR-AFRICAN-112204 123
PARC Assay LCAT-AFRICAN-051304 121
PARC Assay LDLR-AFRICAN-051304 121
PARC Assay PPARA-AFRICAN-051304 121
PARC Assay PPARG-AFRICAN-051304 121
PARC Assay REN-AFRICAN-011504 119

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