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Population Detail
Submitter Population Handle: 1000GENOMES
Submitter Population ID: pilot_1_CHB+JPT_low_coverage_panel
Population Text:
60 HapMap individuals NA18526, NA18532, NA18537, NA18542, NA18545, NA18547, NA18550, NA18552, NA18555, NA18558, NA18561, NA18562, NA18563, NA18564, NA18566, NA18570, NA18571, NA18572, NA18573, NA18576, NA18577, NA18579, NA18582, NA18592, NA18593, NA18603, NA18605, NA18608, NA18609, NA18638, NA18940, NA18942, NA18943, NA18944, NA18945, NA18947, NA18948, NA18949, NA18951, NA18952, NA18953, NA18956, NA18959, NA18960, NA18961, NA18964, NA18965, NA18967, NA18968, NA18969, NA18970, NA18971, NA18972, NA18973, NA18974, NA18975, NA18976, NA18980, NA18981, NA19005

Following lists up to 1000 submissions in each type(assay,genotype,frequency) linked to this population:

Submitter Handle Batch Type Submitter batch id Release build id
1000GENOMES Frequency pilot_1_CHB+JPT_mar_2010 132
1000GENOMES Assay JPTCHB_low_coverage_pilot_indel 133