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Population Detail
Submitter Population Handle: PERLEGEN
Submitter Population ID: NCBI|NIHPDR
Population Text:
The NIH Polymorphism Discovery Resource (NIHPDR) contains cell lines and DNA from 450 anonymous, unrelated indivdiduals with equal numbers of females and males. No medical, phenotypic, or ethnicity is included. There are predefined subsets with 8, 24, 44, and 90 samples, with each subset containing the smaller subsets. The subsets have the same range of diversity as the complete set. All individual cell lines in the resource are identified simply by their sample number. This number remains constant over subsets (e.g. sample #1 refers to the same cell line in the 4 subsets as well as the complete set). The individuals sampled are U.S. residents who have ancestors from the major geographic regions of the world -- Europe, Africa, the Americas and Asia. The sample has sampled non-European regions at frequencies higher than the general U.S. Population to enrich the genetic variability of the resource. A full description of the resource can be found in: Collins, FS; Brooks, LD and Chakravarti, A. 1998. "A DNA Polymorphism Discovery Resource for Research on Human Genetic Variation." Genome Research 8:1229-1231.

Following lists up to 1000 submissions in each type(assay,genotype,frequency) linked to this population:

Submitter Handle Batch Type Submitter batch id Release build id
PERLEGEN Frequency 09-01 119
PERLEGEN Assay 08-03 117
PERLEGEN Assay 08-28-2003 118
PERLEGEN Assay 09-01 100
PERLEGEN Assay 11-25-2003 118
PERLEGEN Assay 11-NOV-2003 118
PERLEGEN Assay EXPR_09-MAY-2005 125
PERLEGEN Assay GV3_27-JUL-2005 125
PERLEGEN Assay GV3_30-AUG-2005 125
PERLEGEN Validation Aug2002 116