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Population Detail
Submitter Population Handle: TSC-CSHL
Submitter Population ID: SC_12_C
Population Text:
SANGER 12 DNAs of Caucasian origin from Corielle cell repositories from the CEPH/UTAH library. Six male and 6 female. This collection consists of the following individuals (Coriell sample IDs given if available and applicable). Please see for more information: CEPH1331.12 (sample NA07007) CEPH1331.13 (sample NA07340) CEPH1331.14 (sample NA07016) CEPH1331.15 (sample NA07050) CEPH1347.12 (sample NA11879) CEPH1347.13 (sample NA11880) CEPH1347.14 (sample NA11881) CEPH1347.15 (sample NA11882) CEPH1416.11 (sample NA12248) CEPH1416.12 (sample NA12249) CEPH1416.13 (sample NA12250) CEPH1416.14 (sample NA12251)

This population has the following individual samples:
ind id
dbSNP_ind_id Submitted
ind grp
CEPH1331.03 105 Caucasian
CEPH1331.04 106 Caucasian
CEPH1331.05 107 Caucasian
CEPH1331.12 114 Caucasian
CEPH1347.02 229 Caucasian
CEPH1347.03 230 Caucasian
CEPH1347.04 231 Caucasian
CEPH1416.01 429 Caucasian
CEPH1416.02 430 Caucasian
CEPH1416.03 431 Caucasian
CEPH1416.04 432 Caucasian
CEPH1347.05 1137 Caucasian

Following lists up to 1000 submissions in each type(assay,genotype,frequency) linked to this population:

Submitter Handle Batch Type Submitter batch id Release build id
TSC-CSHL Genotype TSC-SANGER-SC_12_C-Sep-18-2003-GENOTYPE 117