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Population Detail
Submitter Population Handle: TSC-CSHL
Submitter Population ID: SC_95_C
Population Text:
SANGER 95 DNAs of Caucasian origin from Corielle cell repositories from the CEPH/UTAH library. This collection consists of the following individuals (Coriell sample IDs given if available and applicable). Please see for more information: CEPH1331.01 (sample NA07057) CEPH1331.02 (sample NA06990) CEPH1331.08 (sample NA06988) CEPH1331.09 (sample NA06983) CEPH1331.12 (sample NA07007) CEPH1331.13 (sample NA07340) CEPH1331.14 (sample NA07016) CEPH1331.15 (sample NA07050) CEPH1333.01 (sample NA07038) CEPH1333.02 (sample NA06987) CEPH1333.06 (sample NA07011) CEPH1333.07 (sample NA07009) CEPH1333.11 (sample NA07049) CEPH1333.12 (sample NA07002) CEPH1333.13 (sample NA07017) CEPH1333.14 (sample NA07341) CEPH1334.01 (sample NA10846) CEPH1334.02 (sample NA10847) CEPH1334.03 (sample NA12138) CEPH1334.04 (sample NA12139) CEPH1334.10 (sample NA12144) CEPH1334.11 (sample NA12145) CEPH1334.12 (sample NA12146) CEPH1334.13 (sample NA12239) CEPH1340.01 (sample NA07029) CEPH1340.02 (sample NA07019) CEPH1340.04 (sample NA07053) CEPH1340.06 (sample NA07040) CEPH1340.09 (sample NA06994) CEPH1340.10 (sample NA07000) CEPH1340.11 (sample NA07022) CEPH1340.12 (sample NA07056) CEPH1341.01 (sample NA07048) CEPH1341.02 (sample NA06991) CEPH1341.08 (sample NA07006) CEPH1341.10 (sample NA07020) CEPH1341.11 (sample NA07034) CEPH1341.12 (sample NA07055) CEPH1341.13 (sample NA06993) CEPH1341.14 (sample NA06985) CEPH1346.01 (sample NA10857) CEPH1346.02 (sample NA10852) CEPH1346.07 (sample NA12039) CEPH1346.08 (sample NA12040) CEPH1346.11 (sample NA12043) CEPH1346.12 (sample NA12044) CEPH1346.13 (sample NA12045) CEPH1347.01 (sample NA10858) CEPH1347.02 (sample NA10859) CEPH1347.03 (sample NA11870) CEPH1347.04 (sample NA11871) CEPH1347.12 (sample NA11879) CEPH1347.13 (sample NA11880) CEPH1347.14 (sample NA11881) CEPH1347.15 (sample NA11882) CEPH1362.01 (sample NA10860) CEPH1362.02 (sample NA10861) CEPH1362.05 (sample NA11984) CEPH1362.06 (sample NA11985) CEPH1362.13 (sample NA11992) CEPH1362.14 (sample NA11993) CEPH1362.15 (sample NA11994) CEPH1362.16 (sample NA11995) CEPH1408.01 (sample NA10830) CEPH1408.02 (sample NA10831) CEPH1408.04 (sample NA12148) CEPH1408.05 (sample NA12149) CEPH1408.10 (sample NA12154) CEPH1408.11 (sample NA12236) CEPH1408.12 (sample NA12155) CEPH1408.13 (sample NA12156) CEPH1416.01 (sample NA10835) CEPH1416.02 (sample NA10834) CEPH1416.06 (sample NA12243) CEPH1416.07 (sample NA12244) CEPH1416.11 (sample NA12248) CEPH1416.12 (sample NA12249) CEPH1416.13 (sample NA12250) CEPH1416.14 (sample NA12251) CEPH1420.01 (sample NA10838) CEPH1420.02 (sample NA10839) CEPH1420.03 (sample NA11997) CEPH1420.09 (sample NA12003) CEPH1420.10 (sample NA12004) CEPH1420.11 (sample NA12005) CEPH1420.12 (sample NA12006) CEPH1420.13 (sample NA12007) CEPH1423.01 (sample NA10842) CEPH1423.02 (sample NA10843) CEPH1423.03 (sample NA11909) CEPH1423.04 (sample NA11910) CEPH1423.11 (sample NA11917) CEPH1423.12 (sample NA11918) CEPH1423.13 (sample NA11919) CEPH1423.14 (sample NA11920)

This population has the following individual samples:
ind id
dbSNP_ind_id Submitted
ind grp
CEPH1331.01 103 Caucasian
CEPH1331.02 104 Caucasian
CEPH1331.08 110 Caucasian
CEPH1331.09 111 Caucasian
CEPH1331.12 114 Caucasian
CEPH1331.13 115 Caucasian
CEPH1331.14 116 Caucasian
CEPH1331.15 117 Caucasian
CEPH1333.01 135 Caucasian
CEPH1333.02 136 Caucasian
CEPH1333.06 140 Caucasian
CEPH1333.07 141 Caucasian
CEPH1333.11 145 Caucasian
CEPH1333.12 146 Caucasian
CEPH1333.13 147 Caucasian
CEPH1333.14 148 Caucasian
CEPH1334.01 150 Caucasian
CEPH1334.02 151 Caucasian
CEPH1334.03 152 Caucasian
CEPH1334.04 153 Caucasian
CEPH1334.10 157 Caucasian
CEPH1334.11 158 Caucasian
CEPH1334.12 159 Caucasian
CEPH1334.13 160 Caucasian
CEPH1340.01 161 Caucasian
CEPH1340.02 162 Caucasian
CEPH1340.04 164 Caucasian
CEPH1340.06 166 Caucasian
CEPH1340.09 169 Caucasian
CEPH1340.10 170 Caucasian
CEPH1340.11 171 Caucasian
CEPH1340.12 172 Caucasian
CEPH1341.01 174 Caucasian
CEPH1341.02 175 Caucasian
CEPH1341.08 181 Caucasian
CEPH1341.10 183 Caucasian
CEPH1341.11 184 Caucasian
CEPH1341.12 185 Caucasian
CEPH1341.13 186 Caucasian
CEPH1341.14 187 Caucasian
CEPH1346.01 215 Caucasian
CEPH1346.02 216 Caucasian
CEPH1346.07 221 Caucasian
CEPH1346.08 222 Caucasian
CEPH1346.11 225 Caucasian
CEPH1346.12 226 Caucasian
CEPH1346.13 227 Caucasian
CEPH1347.01 228 Caucasian
CEPH1347.02 229 Caucasian
CEPH1347.03 230 Caucasian
CEPH1347.04 231 Caucasian
CEPH1347.12 236 Caucasian
CEPH1347.13 237 Caucasian
CEPH1347.14 238 Caucasian
CEPH1347.15 239 Caucasian
CEPH1362.01 348 Caucasian
CEPH1362.02 349 Caucasian
CEPH1362.05 352 Caucasian
CEPH1362.06 353 Caucasian
CEPH1362.13 360 Caucasian
CEPH1362.14 361 Caucasian
CEPH1362.15 362 Caucasian
CEPH1362.16 363 Caucasian
CEPH1408.01 399 Caucasian
CEPH1408.02 400 Caucasian
CEPH1408.04 402 Caucasian
CEPH1408.05 403 Caucasian
CEPH1408.10 408 Caucasian
CEPH1408.11 409 Caucasian
CEPH1408.12 410 Caucasian
CEPH1408.13 411 Caucasian
CEPH1416.01 429 Caucasian
CEPH1416.02 430 Caucasian
CEPH1416.06 433 Caucasian
CEPH1416.07 434 Caucasian
CEPH1416.11 438 Caucasian
CEPH1416.12 439 Caucasian
CEPH1416.13 440 Caucasian
CEPH1416.14 441 Caucasian
CEPH1420.01 456 Caucasian
CEPH1420.02 457 Caucasian
CEPH1420.03 458 Caucasian
CEPH1420.09 464 Caucasian
CEPH1420.10 465 Caucasian
CEPH1420.11 466 Caucasian
CEPH1420.12 467 Caucasian
CEPH1420.13 468 Caucasian
CEPH1423.01 483 Caucasian
CEPH1423.02 484 Caucasian
CEPH1423.03 485 Caucasian
CEPH1423.04 486 Caucasian
CEPH1423.11 493 Caucasian
CEPH1423.12 494 Caucasian
CEPH1423.13 495 Caucasian
CEPH1423.14 496 Caucasian

Following lists up to 1000 submissions in each type(assay,genotype,frequency) linked to this population:

Submitter Handle Batch Type Submitter batch id Release build id
TSC-CSHL Genotype TSC-SANGER-SC_95_C-Sep-18-2003-GENOTYPE 117