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Population Detail
Submitter Population Handle: PERLEGEN
Submitter Population ID: AFD_EUR_PANEL
Population Text:
These 24 samples from the Coriell Cell Repository are primarily of European American descent. Samples consist of 23 unrelated CEPH parents selected by the SeattleSNPs Program for Genomic Applications, plus one sample (NA17201) from Coriell's human variation panel of 50 Caucasians (HD50CAU). Samples NA06990 through NA10861 are from Utah pedigrees; NA12547, NA12548, and NA12560 are from French pedigrees. Coriell ID, Gender: NA06990 F NA07019 F NA07348 F NA07349 M NA10830 M NA10831 F NA10842 M NA10843 F NA10844 F NA10845 M NA10848 M NA10850 F NA10851 M NA10852 F NA10853 M NA10854 F NA10857 M NA10858 M NA10860 M NA10861 F NA12547 M NA12548 F NA12560 M NA17201 M

This population has the following individual samples:
ind id
dbSNP_ind_id Submitted
ind grp
NA12560 10 European
NA06990 104 European
NA10848 120 European
NA07019 162 European
NA10851 188 European
NA10850 189 European
NA07349 202 European
NA07348 203 European
NA10857 215 European
NA10852 216 European
NA10858 228 European
NA10853 241 European
NA10854 242 European
NA10860 348 European
NA10861 349 European
NA10830 399 European
NA10831 400 European
NA10842 483 European
NA10843 484 European
NA10845 498 European
NA10844 499 European
NA17201 896 European
NA12547 1203 European
NA12548 1204 European

Following lists up to 1000 submissions in each type(assay,genotype,frequency) linked to this population:

Submitter Handle Batch Type Submitter batch id Release build id
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_1 123
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_10 123
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_11 123
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_12 123
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_13 123
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_14 123
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_15 123
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_16 123
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_17 123
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_18 123
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_19 123
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_2 123
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_20 123
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_21 123
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_22 123
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_3 123
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_4 123
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_5 123
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_6 123
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_7 123
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_8 123
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_9 123
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_U 123
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_X 123
PERLEGEN Genotype 71_IND_CHR_Y 123
PERLEGEN Assay AFD_EUR_18-MAY-2004 123

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