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SNP Submitter Contact Detail
Handle information for the lab: 1000GENOMES
fax: +44 (0)1223 494157
name: 1000 Genomes Consortium
address: European Bioinformatics Insitute (EMBL-EBI), European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Wellcome Trust Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, United Kingdom, CB10 1SD
phone: +44 (0)1223 494156
institution: European Molecular Biology Laboratory, European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI)

Batch Type Submitter batch id Release build id Organism
Assay 30x_grch38 151 Homo sapiens
Frequency Phase3_V1-AFR 144 Homo sapiens
Frequency Phase3_V1-AMR 144 Homo sapiens
Frequency Phase3_V1-EAS 144 Homo sapiens
Frequency Phase3_V1-EUR 144 Homo sapiens
Frequency Phase3_V1-SAS 144 Homo sapiens
Assay Phase3_V1 141 Homo sapiens
Assay phase_1_exome_sites_20110521 136 Homo sapiens
Assay phase_1_low_coverage_indels 136 Homo sapiens
Assay phase_1_vqsr_v2b_sites_june_2011 133 Homo sapiens
Assay CEU_low_coverage_pilot_indel 133 Homo sapiens
Assay JPTCHB_low_coverage_pilot_indel 133 Homo sapiens
Assay YRI_low_coverage_pilot_indel 133 Homo sapiens
Frequency pilot_1_CEU_mar_2010 132 Homo sapiens
Frequency pilot_1_CHB+JPT_mar_2010 132 Homo sapiens
Frequency pilot_1_YRI_mar_2010 132 Homo sapiens
Assay pilot_2_CEU_trio_final_release 132 Homo sapiens
Assay pilot_2_YRI_trio_final_release 132 Homo sapiens
Assay pilot_3_CEU_mar_2010 132 Homo sapiens
Frequency pilot_3_CEU_mar_2010 132 Homo sapiens
Assay pilot_3_CHB_mar_2010 132 Homo sapiens
Frequency pilot_3_CHB_mar_2010 132 Homo sapiens
Assay pilot_3_CHD_mar_2010 132 Homo sapiens
Frequency pilot_3_CHD_mar_2010 132 Homo sapiens
Assay pilot_3_JPT_mar_2010 132 Homo sapiens
Frequency pilot_3_JPT_mar_2010 132 Homo sapiens
Assay pilot_3_LWK_mar_2010 132 Homo sapiens
Frequency pilot_3_LWK_mar_2010 132 Homo sapiens
Assay pilot_3_TSI_mar_2010 132 Homo sapiens
Frequency pilot_3_TSI_mar_2010 132 Homo sapiens
Assay pilot_3_YRI_mar_2010 132 Homo sapiens
Frequency pilot_3_YRI_mar_2010 132 Homo sapiens
Frequency low.cov.allele.freq.jan.2009 131 Homo sapiens