Hepatitis B virus (HBV)
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Hepatitis B virus (HBV) is a hepatotropic virus, that chronically infects some 300 million people worldwide and is thought to be responsible for a million deaths annually. Numerous HBV isolates have been grouped into eight genotypes, A through H, on the basis of sequence similarities of their complete genomes. HBV genotypes show a characteristic geographical distribution: genotype A is pandemic but most prevalent in northern Europe, North America and central Africa; genotypes B and C are found in eastern Asia, Korea, China, Japan, Polynesia and Vietnam; genotype D is also pandemic but is predominant in the Mediterranean area, the Middle East and India; genotype E is typical for Africa; genotype F is found in American natives and in Polynesia; genotype G in western Europe and North America and genotype H is found predominantly in Central America. Genotyping of HBV is important not only for molecular epidemiology purposes. Several recent researches demonstrated that rate of the chronic outcome and the severity of liver disease can be different for some genotypes.


Accession GI Title Length

Subtype: A
X02763 59418 Hepatitis b virus genome (serotype adw2) 3221
X51970 1155012 Hepatitis B virus (HBV 991) complete genome 3221
AF090842 5114084 Hepatitis B virus strain G5.27295, complete genome 3221
Subtype: B
D00329 221497 Hepatitis B virus subtype ADW DNA, complete genome, clone:pJDW233. 3215
AB073846 21280277 Hepatitis B virus DNA, complete genome, isolate:HBV-Ry565 3215
AB602818 334683389 HBV genotype B DNA, complete genome, isolate: AH-2 3215
Subtype: C
X04615 59585 Hepatitis B virus genome, subtype ayr 3215
M12906 474959 Hepatitis B virus subtype adr, complete genome. 3215
AB014381 3582357 Hepatitis B virus genomic DNA, complete sequence, isolate 22Y04HCC. 3215
Subtype: D
X65259 59439 Hepatitis B virus (ayw,patient E) genes PreS1, PreS2, PreC, C, X and polymerase 3182
M32138 329667 Hepatitis B virus variant HBV-alpha1, complete genome. 3182
X85254 736003 Hepatitis B virus genome (PreS1, PreS2, S, PreC, C, X genes and polymerase) 3182
Subtype: E
X75657 452617 Human hepatitis virus (genotype E, Bas) preS1, preS2, S, C, X, antigens, core antigen, X protein and polymerase 3212
AB032431 6691492 Hepatitis B virus genomic DNA, complete sequence, isolate:HBV/E-Ch195. 3212
Subtype: F
X69798 59422 Hepatitis B virus, subtype adw4 genes 3215
AB036910 11191875 Hepatitis B virus (genotype F) genomic DNA, complete genome, isolate:VNZ8251. 3215
AF223965 12247041 Hepatitis B virus strain C-1858 isolate sa16, complete genome. 3215
Subtype: G
AF160501 6983934 Hepatitis B virus strain IG29227, complete genome 3248
AB064310 18146661 Hepatitis B virus DNA, complete genome, clone:USG769. 3248
AF405706 19849032 Hepatitis B virus isolate 235/01, complete genome 3248
Subtype: H
AY090454 22135696 Hepatitis B virus strain 1853Nic, complete genome 3215
AY090457 22135711 Hepatitis B virus strain 2928Nic, complete genome 3215
AY090460 22135726 Hepatitis B virus strain LAS2523, complete genome 3215

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