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ID: 2728483

PHA3347   uracil DNA glycosylase

uracil DNA glycosylase; the Herpesviridae are non-segmented dsDNA viruses with genomes ranging from 120-230kbp; although herpes viruses vary greatly in sequence identity and homology, they all share four common elements: an envelope, a tegument which is composed of viral enzymes, a capsid of 162 capsomers, and a core composed of genomic DNA; the uracil DNA glyocylases are DNA repair enzymes that excise mis-incorporated uracil residues from DNA by cleaving the N-glycosylic bond


Conserved in:Gammaherpesvirinae
Total organisms:13
InterPro:IPR002043; IPR005122; IPR018085

Protein Table

OrganismProtein nameAccessionLength (aa) BLAST

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