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ID: 413926

PCLA_413926   molecular chaperone GroEL

60 kDa chaperone family; promotes refolding of misfolded polypeptides especially under stressful conditions; forms two stacked rings of heptamers to form a barrel-shaped 14mer; ends can be capped by GroES; misfolded proteins enter the barrel where they are refolded when GroES binds; many bacteria have multiple copies of the groEL gene which are active under different environmental conditions; the B.japonicum protein in this cluster is expressed constitutively; in Rhodobacter, Corynebacterium and Rhizobium this protein is essential for growth


Conserved in:cellular organisms
Total organisms:2691
HMM accessions: PF00118.22, PRK00013.1, PRK12849.1, PRK12850.1, PRK12851.1, PRK14104.1, TIGR02348
HMM gene: groL

Protein Table

OrganismProtein nameAccessionLength (aa) BLAST

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