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Protein Pept Lett. 2007;14(1):93-5.

Crystallization and preliminary diffraction studies of porcine pancreatic elastase in complex with a novel inhibitor.

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Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica, Universidade Nova de Lisboa, ITQB-UNL, Av. República, Apt. 127, 2781-901 Oeiras, Portugal.


Porcine pancreatic elastase (PPE) was crystallized in complex with a novel inhibitor at pH 5 and X-ray diffraction data were collected at a synchrotron source to 1.66 A. Crystals belong to the orthorhombic space group P2(1)2(1)2(1), with unit cell parameters a = 50.25 A, b = 57.94 A and c = 74.69 A. PPE is often used as model for drug target, due to its structural homology with the important therapeutic target human leukocyte elastase (HLE). Elastase is a serine protease that belongs to the chymotrypsin family, which has the ability to degrade elastin, an important component in connective tissues. Excessive elastin proteolysis leads to a number of pathological diseases.

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