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The PRKAR1A gene is fused to RARA in a new variant acute promyelocytic leukemia.

Catalano A, Dawson MA, Somana K, Opat S, Schwarer A, Campbell LJ, Iland H.

Blood. 2007 Dec 1;110(12):4073-6. Epub 2007 Aug 21.


PLZF-RAR alpha fusion proteins generated from the variant t(11;17)(q23;q21) translocation in acute promyelocytic leukemia inhibit ligand-dependent transactivation of wild-type retinoic acid receptors.

Chen Z, Guidez F, Rousselot P, Agadir A, Chen SJ, Wang ZY, Degos L, Zelent A, Waxman S, Chomienne C.

Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1994 Feb 1;91(3):1178-82.


Characterization of a functional promoter for the human retinoic acid receptor-alpha (hRAR-alpha).

Brand NJ, Petkovich M, Chambon P.

Nucleic Acids Res. 1990 Dec 11;18(23):6799-806.


The PML-RAR alpha fusion mRNA generated by the t(15;17) translocation in acute promyelocytic leukemia encodes a functionally altered RAR.

de Thé H, Lavau C, Marchio A, Chomienne C, Degos L, Dejean A.

Cell. 1991 Aug 23;66(4):675-84.


Retinoid X receptor interacts with nuclear receptors in retinoic acid, thyroid hormone and vitamin D3 signalling.

Kliewer SA, Umesono K, Mangelsdorf DJ, Evans RM.

Nature. 1992 Jan 30;355(6359):446-9.

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