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News: Ways to ease painful joints caused by... (The Washington Post) - Behind the headlines

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The Washington Post Oct. 10, 2022

Ways to ease painful joints caused by osteoarthritis

by Hallie Levine

These lifestyle steps and treatments can help with OA symptoms.

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Behind the headlines

Research findings and data from the National Library of Medicine

PubMed articles

Osteoarthritis Cartilage JAN. 1, 2019

Cause-specific mortality in osteoarthritis of peripheral joints

A Turkiewicz et al

The risk of cardiovascular excess deaths increases with duration of knee and hip osteoarthritis. The major contributors are chronic ischemic heart diseases and heart fail …

J Am Geriatr Soc JAN. 1, 2020

Association Between Osteoarthritis and Social Isolation: Data From the EPOSA Study

P Siviero et al

Clinical OA, present in one or two sites of the hip and knee, or in two or three sites of the hip, knee, and hand, increased the risk of social isolation, adjusting for c …

PLoS One APRIL 27, 2020

Association between sleep duration and osteoarthritis and their prevalence in Koreans: A cross-sectional study

Y Cho et al

This study confirmed the significant association between sleep duration and osteoarthritis in adults aged ≥50 years. Participants' positive for both radiological (KL grad …

Altern Complement Ther JAN. 1, 2013

Effects of Meditation on Symptoms of Knee Osteoarthritis

TK Selfe et al

Findings from this pilot study suggest that a mantra meditation program may help reduce knee pain and dysfunction, as well as improving mood and related outcomes in adult …

Pain JAN. 1, 2019

The impact of anxiety on chronic musculoskeletal pain and the role of astrocyte activation

JJ Burston et al

Anxiety and depression are associated with increased pain responses in chronic pain states. The extent to which anxiety drives chronic pain, or vice versa, remains an imp …

Int J Obes (Lond) JAN. 1, 2021

Does weight loss reduce the incidence of total knee and hip replacement for osteoarthritis?-A prospective cohort study among middle-aged and older adults with overweight or obesity

X Jin et al

This study suggests that a weight loss target >7.5% is required to reduce the risk of TKR in adults with overweight or obesity. Weight gain should be avoided as it inc …

Complement Ther Med JAN. 1, 2018

Chronic musculoskeletal pain and function improve with a plant-based diet

P Towery et al

Consumption of a plant-based diet produced positive improvements in chronic pain and function. Interprofessional collaboration between physical therapists and registered …

BMC Geriatr JULY 31, 2021

Impacts of tai chi exercise on functional fitness in community-dwelling older adults with mild degenerative knee osteoarthritis: a randomized controlled clinical trial

PY Chen et al

Community-dwelling older adults with knee OA in the TCE group had better functional fitness performances after the 12-week tai chi intervention than those receiving only …

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The New York Times JULY 18, 2019

Arthritis Is Tied to Heart Disease Risk (Published 2019)

Men and women with osteoarthritis of the hips or knees were at higher risk of dying from heart disease or heart failure.

NPR News FEB. 14, 2024

Tai chi reduces blood pressure better than aerobic exercise, study finds

The slow-moving Chinese martial art tai chi is known to increase flexibility and balance. Now, research suggests it's more effective at reducing blood pressure than more vigorous forms of exercise.

The Washington Post OCT. 16, 2020

The best way to manage joint pain is also the least intuitive: Keep active

Movement and even minor exercise bring nutrients to the joints and keeps them healthy, health experts say.

The Washington Post NOV. 5, 2021

Could platelet-rich plasma injections help avoid knee surgery? More studies may give answer.

PRP is part of regenerative medicine therapies. But research shows conflicting results and mainstream medicine — and insurance companies — have steered clear.

The New York Times FEB. 19, 2021

Intense Strength Training Does Not Ease Knee Pain, Study Finds

Millions of patients with knee osteoarthritis are told to exercise. A new study casts doubt on what sort of exercise is helpful.