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CNN News October 30, 2018

Gender inequality linked to deaths of girls under 5, new analysis says | CNN

The more unequal a society is, the more deaths there are among girls under the age of 5 compared with boys the same age, especially in lower- and middle-income countries, a new analysis finds.

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BMJ Glob Health OCTOBER 30, 2018

Girls' hidden penalty: analysis of gender inequality in child mortality with data from 195 countries

N Iqbal et al

The more gender unequal a society is, the more girls are penalised in terms of their survival chances, in particular in low-income and middle-income countries. In order t …

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The Washington Post DECEMBER 4, 2020

Height, weight and nutrition of youths vary widely around the globe, study says

Data on 65 million children in 200 countries show Europe has the world’s tallest children while southeast Asia, Latin America and East Africa have the shortest.

The New York Times MAY 19, 2022

Puberty Starts Earlier Than It Used To. No One Knows Why.

Some girls are starting to develop breasts as early as age 6 or 7. Researchers are studying the role of obesity, chemicals and stress.

The Los Angeles Times JULY 25, 2019

Gender gap in STEM fields could be due to girls' reading skills, not math ability

Why do men still dominate STEM careers? It’s not that boys are better than girls at math. It’s that girls are more likely to be even better at reading.

CNN News MAY 17, 2019

Suicide rates in girls are rising, study finds, especially in those age 10 to 14 | CNN

Suicide rates for young girls are rising at a pace faster than that of boys, changing the established patterns that boys are more likely to die by suicide and that girls are more likely to consider it and attempt it, according to a new study.

NPR News MAY 17, 2019

Suicide Rate For Girls Has Been Rising Faster Than For Boys, Study Finds

Researchers found that the increase was highest for girls ages 10 to 14 in the U.S., rising by nearly 13% since 2007. The increase for boys of the same age was 7%.