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CNN News April 8, 2019

Nearly 1 in 13 US males reported having sex before age 13, study says | CNN

About 3.6% to 7.6% of boys and young men report having had sex for the first time before they turned 13, according to a new study.

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JAMA Pediatr JUNE 1, 2019

Prevalence of Sexual Initiation Before Age 13 Years Among Male Adolescents and Young Adults in the United States

LD Lindberg et al

Rates of sexual onset before age 13 years among young males varied by race/ethnicity, location, and maternal educational level, presenting important implications for the …

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The New York Times MAY 13, 2019

The Impact of Early Sexual Initiation on Boys (Published 2019)

A survey finds that most boys who had sex before age 13 had not yet had comprehensive sex education in school.

CNN News JUNE 14, 2018

Fewer teens having sex and using drugs, CDC survey finds | CNN

Among US teens, sex and drugs are on the decline, but suicidal ideation and bullying are not, according to a new report on the CDC's Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

The Los Angeles Times JUNE 12, 2020

Americans are having less sex now than they did 20 years ago

More adults in the U.S. are going without sex for a year or more, and those who are having sex are having it less frequently than they did 20 years ago.

CNN News MAY 7, 2019

Couples are having less sex, study finds

Couples are having less sex than in the previous two decades, new UK research says -- but the number of people wanting more is rising.

The Los Angeles Times SEPTEMBER 16, 2019

About 1 in 16 U.S. women say they were forced or coerced into losing their virginity

An estimated 1 in 16 women in the U.S. said they were forced or coerced into having sex for the first time. That equates to 3.3 million women ages of 18 and 44.