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NPR News August 6, 2018

#Blessed: Is Everyone Happier Than You On Social Media?

by Jasmine Garsd

If you've spent time on social media, you've seen lots of pictures of people seemingly having a better time than you. They may be smiling, but they're not necessarily happy. What are they telling us?

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Depress Anxiety JANUARY 19, 2016


LY Lin et al

SM use was significantly associated with increased depression. Given the proliferation of SM, identifying the mechanisms and direction of this association is critical for …

Am J Prev Med MARCH 6, 2017

Social Media Use and Perceived Social Isolation Among Young Adults in the U.S

BA Primack et al

Young adults with high SMU seem to feel more socially isolated than their counterparts with lower SMU. Future research should focus on determining directionality and eluc …

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