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News: Suicide rates in girls are rising,... (CNN News) - Behind the headlines

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CNN News May 17, 2019

Suicide rates in girls are rising, study finds, especially in those age 10 to 14 | CNN

Suicide rates for young girls are rising at a pace faster than that of boys, changing the established patterns that boys are more likely to die by suicide and that girls are more likely to consider it and attempt it, according to a new study.

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JAMA Netw Open MAY 3, 2019

Trends in Suicide Among Youth Aged 10 to 19 Years in the United States, 1975 to 2016

DA Ruch et al

A significant reduction in the historically large gap in youth suicide rates between male and female individuals underscores the importance of interventions that consider …

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NPR News JUNE 9, 2021

Women Now Drink As Much As Men — Not So Much For Pleasure, But To Cope

Women aren't just upping their drinking, researchers say. Increasingly they are "drinking to cope," instead of for pleasure — which accelerates the risk of alcohol use disorder and its health damage.

NPR News MAY 17, 2019

Suicide Rate For Girls Has Been Rising Faster Than For Boys, Study Finds

Researchers found that the increase was highest for girls ages 10 to 14 in the U.S., rising by nearly 13% since 2007. The increase for boys of the same age was 7%.

The New York Times JUNE 3, 2019

When Social Media Is Really Problematic for Adolescents

Underlying problems may make some young people particularly vulnerable to what they find on social media, an expert says.

The New York Times SEPTEMBER 10, 2021

‘What’s Going on With Our Black Girls?’ Experts Warn of Rising Suicide Rates.

Researchers have uncovered worrisome trends among Black youth.

The Los Angeles Times JUNE 18, 2019

Suicide rates for U.S. teens and young adults are the highest on record

Suicide rates for teens and young adults have reached their highest point since 2000, totaling 6,241 in 2017. Most suicides involved males.