DataSet Record GDS1036: Expression Profiles Data Analysis Tools Sample Subsets
Title: Microglial cell response to interferon-gamma: time course
Cluster AnalysisGDS1036 Cluster Image
Summary: Expression profiling of microglial cells obtained from 4 different samples following treatment with 200 u/ml interferon-gamma (IFN-gamma). Cells examined 1, 6, and 4 hours after treatment. Results provide insight into the regulation of immune functions in microglia by IFN-gamma.
Organism: Homo sapiens
Platform: GPL96: [HG-U133A] Affymetrix Human Genome U133A Array
  • Rock RB, Hu S, Deshpande A, Munir S et al. Transcriptional response of human microglial cells to interferon-gamma. Genes Immun 2005 Dec;6(8):712-9. PMID: 16163375
Reference Series: GSE1432 Sample count: 24
Value type: count Series published: 2004/12/25