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Title: Conjugated linoleic acid delipidative effect on obese line: time course
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Summary: Analysis of epididymal adipose tissue from M16 polygenic obese animals fed diet containing 1% trans-10 cis-12-conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). Body weight was 12% lower by day 14 on CLA diet. Adipose examined at 5 and 14 days. Results provide insight to mechanisms underlying CLA delipidative effect.
Organism: Mus musculus
Platform: GPL891: Agilent-011978 Mouse Microarray G4121A (Feature Number version)
  • House RL, Cassady JP, Eisen EJ, Eling TE et al. Functional genomic characterization of delipidation elicited by trans-10, cis-12-conjugated linoleic acid (t10c12-CLA) in a polygenic obese line of mice. Physiol Genomics 2005 May 11;21(3):351-61. PMID: 15888570
Reference Series: GSE1580 Sample count: 4
Value type: log10 ratio Series published: 2004/07/23