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Title: Antiepileptic drugs levetiracetam and phenytoin effect on the brain
Cluster AnalysisGDS1864 Cluster Image
Summary: Analysis of the brainstem, frontal cortex, and hippocampus of animals chronically treated for 90 days with levetiracetam or phenytoin. Levetiracetam inhibits epileptogenesis in the kindling model of epilepsy. Phenytoin's antiepileptic activity involves the inhibition of sodium channels.
Organism: Rattus norvegicus
Platform: GPL1355: [Rat230_2] Affymetrix Rat Genome 230 2.0 Array
  • Hassel B, Taubøll E, Shaw R, Gjerstad L et al. Region-specific changes in gene expression in rat brain after chronic treatment with levetiracetam or phenytoin. Epilepsia 2010 Sep;51(9):1714-20. PMID: 20345932
Reference Series: GSE2880 Sample count: 62
Value type: count Series published: 2005/07/06