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Title: Myotube response to PGC-1alpha induced mitochondrial biogenesis: time course (MG-U74C)
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Summary: Analysis of C2C12 myoblast-derived myotubes transduced with transcriptional coactivator PGC-1alpha to induce mitochondrial proliferation in the muscle cells. Cells examined up to 3 days post-transduction. Results combined with other genome-scale datasets to identify mitochondrial proteins.
Organism: Mus musculus
Platform: GPL83: [MG_U74Cv2] Affymetrix Murine Genome U74 Version 2 Array
  • Calvo S, Jain M, Xie X, Sheth SA et al. Systematic identification of human mitochondrial disease genes through integrative genomics. Nat Genet 2006 May;38(5):576-82. PMID: 16582907
Reference Series: GSE4330 Sample count: 21
Value type: count Series published: 2006/04/03