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Title: Nicotinamide effect on thrombopoietin-induced megakaryocyte differentiation in vitro
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Summary: Analysis of thrombopoietin-cultured CD34+ cells at various time points up to 5 days following treatment with nicotinamide. Thrombopoietin induces CD34+ cells to differentiate into megakaryocytes. Results provide insight into the effect of nicotinamide on megakaryocyte differentiation.
Organism: Homo sapiens
Platform: GPL887: Agilent-012097 Human 1A Microarray (V2) G4110B (Feature Number version)
  • Giammona LM, Fuhrken PG, Papoutsakis ET, Miller WM. Nicotinamide (vitamin B3) increases the polyploidisation and proplatelet formation of cultured primary human megakaryocytes. Br J Haematol 2006 Nov;135(4):554-66. PMID: 17054670
Reference Series: GSE4974 Sample count: 28
Value type: log e ratio Series published: 2006/08/25